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Path to DarkWizard

The quest can be started at lvl 19, but I advise just start at Level 20 because the new skills will only be available a this level.

1) This quest starts at the Alatar of Rifes with Witch Varika. She gives you a list of things to do.

2) you have to colect 4 seeds:

2.1-Seeds of Lunacy:

Talk to Arekenia (beside Varika). She gives you a Hub Scent and ask you to kill Scout Skeletons.
Go to Gludio and after to Ruins of Agony. Colect 3 hearts of lunacy. Back to Arkenia and receive the seeds of Lunacy.

2.2- Seeds of Horror:

Go to entrance of School of Dark Arts and talk to Annika.

She gives you a candle and send you to get 2 Knee Bones from : skeleton hunters, skeleton archers or misery skeletons that are inside in the school. The various skeletons can be found in the first few rooms. When you have the 2 items go back to Annika.

2.3- Seed of Angers:

[justify]Go to waterfall waterfall (Undine Waterfall) to find Charkeren. He tells you a terrible story then sends you to find his family remains. He will ask you to kill Marsh Zombies.

Go to the Swampland and hunt Marsh Zombies until you have 3 remains and back to Charkeren.

3) Back to Altar of Rites and talk to Arekenia and she gives you the last seed.

4) Give the 4 seeds to Varika and she gives you the Jewel of Darkness.

5) Go to Gludin and talk to Grand Master Xenos in the Dark Elven guild to change you profession to Dark Wizard.

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