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Path to Shillien Oracle

The quest can be started at lvl 19, but I advise just start at Level 20 because the new skills will only be available atthis level.

1- The quest starts in the town of Gludio on the Dark Elf Guild with Magister Sidra.
She tells you she has 2 tasks for you.She gives you a letter and asks you to meet with Master Talbot in Gludin.

2- In Gludin in the Dark Elf Guild talk to Talbot and he has you go kill the Dark Succubus.

03 - The Dark Succubus can be found near the moutains to the west of the Necro of Devotion. Kill the Dark Succubus to collect the 5 runes.

04 - After collecting the 5 items, return to Gludin and talk again to Talbot.

05 - Magister Talbot tells you talk to Priest Adonius in Gludin temple.

06 - He tells you to go to Ruins of Despair. You must kill 10 Zombies Zombies or Soldier or Warrior Shield Skeleton.

07 - After collecting the 10 Larry bones, return to Gludin and talk to Priest Adonius.

08 - Now go back to Magister Talbot in Dark Elf Guild, in Gludin.

09 - Return to Gludio and speak with Magister Sidra to receive the last item of the quest.

10- If you are level 20, talki to Tobias in the same Dark Elf Guild and change class to Shillien Oracle.


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