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Party System

 I'm sorry if there are any mistakes because it was translated from russian.
Features of hunting in a party
  • The combination of classes. Hunting in a group will allow each character to bring the maximum benefit because Each class has a specific role. Hunting in a group will allow each character to bring the maximum benefit because Each class has a specific role.
  • Party chat. On the hunt in a group of players in the group have an opportunity to use group chat. The text of the chat will be visible to members of the group at any point on the map. To use the group chat, use the prefix #.
  • Bonus experience. The more people in the group, the more bonus to gain experience:
in Party
  •  The greater the difference in experience between the characters in the party, the less they receive less in terms of characters:
The difference in the levels of
Gain experience
~ 98%
~ 95%
~ 93%
~ 91%
~ 88%
~ 86%
~ 83%
~ 81%
~ 78%
~ 23%
~ 22%
~ 21%
~ 20%
~ 19%
15 or more
  • Distribution of drops. Adenas is automatically divided in equal amounts to each character in the party. Adjust the distribution of other drops as follows:
Finder Keeper
Whoever raises the drops, he gets it all.
By turn
Regardless of who lifts the drops, drops are distributed in turn among party members
Regardless of who lifts the drops, drops are distributed randomly
By turn including spoil
Regardless of who lifts the drops, dropd and results of the spoil are distributed one by one among the party members
Randon including spoil
Regardless of who lifts the drops, drops and results of the spoil are distributed randomly
The leader of the party may at any time change the type of distribution of the drops, but this change will have to be confirmed for each member of the party in a special dialogue.
Party Matching
Lineage II has a build in party matching system for making parties with other players you do not necessarily know. The party matching feature can be opened by typing "/partymatching" in your consule or by clicking the party matching icon in the user interface. 
 When using this function, any player on the server can see that you are looking for a party. You don't need to stay in town and you don't need to be in the same vicinity of the people you want to be partied with. This works out especially well for characters still leveling up, as you can go do a quests or grind while waiting for a party to be matched up with anywhere in the world.
By simply leaving the party matching window open, players looking for your level range can see that you are a potential candidate for their party. Or if you want to start a party, just open a room and wait for interested players to join your room or invite them from the waiting list. 

Party matching icon

Open the party matching window by clicking the respective icon or typing the command as described above.
1) Choosing search terms rooms Group:

  • Level - level range of characters in a room group.
2)  The list of groups that are looking for characters to play together, when you hover over the name of the group opens a window with a list of already in the room, a group of players.
  • Back / Forward - move to the previous / next page in the list of groups of rooms.
  • List - open a list of characters who are looking for the group.
  • New - to create a room search the group, only available to the group leader, or the player without the band.
  • Auto - automatically selects the parameter group search.
3)  Member List pending the entry into the group - you can invite a group of the desired character without waiting until he would find room in your group:
  • Top of the list allows you to specify search conditions: range of levels, and the role of the character's name.
  • List of characters waiting to join the group.
  • Back / Forward - move to the previous / next page in the list of characters.
  • Message - Send a private message to the selected character from the list.
  • Invite - Invite the room group selected from the list of the character, in the invitation will be added to the name of the room group.
  • Refresh - Update the list of characters waiting to join the group.
  • Close - closes the list of characters waiting to join the group.
 The rest of the party matching window is pretty self-explanatory. It is important to note that rooms are not the same thing as parties. The room owner still needs to invite players into a party. This allows for players to organize a party without actually creating one until everybody is ready. If you want to do other things while waiting for your party to be ready, you can minimize the window in a simular fashion as minimizing the inventory window. 

Creating a room party

Use the "Create" button in the interface of the search party.
Enter search criteria of the party:
  • Topic - description of the group.
  • Max. people - the maximum number of characters in the group room.
  • Level - level range of characters.
Open the window of the room party and the name of the character appears yellow inscription "search party":
At the bottom of the chat room is the party chat is accessible to everyone who is in the room party.

  • Customize - to change the parameters of the room group.
  • Banish - to drive the character of the room group.
  • Invite - invite a character to the group.
  • List - open a list of characters, pending the entry into the group.
  • Exit - to leave the room the group if the group leaves the room owner, it will be closed.

Team chat


/ invite

[Character `s name]

Invite to party

/ leave

Exit party

/ dismiss

[Character `s name]

Kicked out of the party

/ partymatching

Search party

/ partyinfo

Show information about the party

/ changepartyleader

[Character `s name]

Change party leader

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