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Trial of Duty

 Start Location
 Giran Castle Town
 Start Npc
 Grand Master Hannavalt
 Dark Elf
 Dark Avenger
 Shillien Knight
 Temple Knight
 No (Solo)
 Mark of Duty

1) The quest starts in Giran. Talk to Grand Master Hannavalt in the  warrior guild.

 2) Go to Gludin and after to southern Wastelands and talk to Sir Aaron Tanford and he will give you the Old Knight’s Sword.

3) Buy some soulshots no grade and go to Wastelands to hunt  Skeleton Raiders and Skeleton Marauder until the Spirit of Herod respaw. Kill him and get the quest item Knights Tear.

4) Return to Sir Aaron Tanford and delivery the item. He sends you to go meet Sir Kiel Nighthawk in Dion Castle Town in the Dark Elf Guild.

5) Sir Kiel Knighthawk sends you to Execution Grounds to hunt Strains and Ghouls to get 10 Torn Report Piece. When you collect 10 of these pieces, they automatically form a single whole report: Report Piece (1).

6) When have the item return to Sir Kiel Knighthawk. He will give you the Orpic Mirror and he will ask you to hunt Hangman Tree’s in Execution Grounds. You have to kill Trees until the Telianus’s Dead Spirit comes out and gives you the  quest item  Tears of Confession.

7) Return to Sir Kiel Knighthawk. He will send you to Hunter’s Village. ( you need be level 36 to continous from this part)

8) Go to Hunters'Village and talk to Sir Isael Silvershadow. He is front of weapons shop.He sends you to Plains of Lizardmen in Oren region.

9) Go to Oren and after to Plains of Lizardmen and kill Leto Lizardmen Soldiers and warriors until get 20 Milita’s Articles.
NOTE FOR H5: Use GK to SEL MAHUM TRAINNING GROUND SOUTH and go walking in direction of HUNTER and you will find the mobs.Take care cause the mobs in that region are lv. 80+.

10) Return to Isael Silvershadow and he will give you the Tear of Loyalty and ask you to talk to Grand Master Hannavalt in Giran. Talk to Grand Master Hannavalt in the Warrior Guild. He will ask you to talk to Priest Dustin in the temple.

11) Talk to Priest Dustin. He asks you to get the Sir Athebaldt’s skull, ribs and shinbone.
12) Go to Break's Stronghold and kill Breka Orc Overlords to get the itens and back to Priest Justin and he will give you the Saints Ashes Urn.

13) Go to Talking Island and talk to Sir Collin Windawood in the Obelisk of Victory and he will give you the Letter of Windawood.

14) Return to Giran and talk to Priest Dustin and he will give you the a letter that must be delivery to Grand Master Hannavalt in the warrior Guild. Talk to him and he will give you the Mark of Duty.


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