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What is L2 Classic?

 I'm sorry if there are any mistakes because it was translated from russian.
L2 Classic is a regression to L2 origin. The game initially consist of a mixture of Prelude and C1 while the current client (animations, multiple skills dropdown bar, large inventory, etc.) evolves through the current state of Godess of Destruction chronicle.
Classic Server is for those who miss the old school version of the game. This is not C1 or C2, it’s a hybrid that will please the nostalgic fans.

Here are some details:

Races, Classes and Levels:

We have five races original game: . Human, Elf, Dark Elf, Dwarf and Orc  As for the classes have the first and the second change only, no nobility, heroes or subclass.
The  maximum level is 75  but is unlikely reach because most challenging mobs are level 60, ​​which indicates that this level is raised for future updates.

Hunting areas / extension map:

The map is the same we had in the first version of the old L2: Prelude,  ie maximum area is Dragon Valley and although the continent is called Aden, the city feature is not yet available. This means we have 5 castles and catacombs of course nothing yet. Some Raid Boss are implemented (as well as Orphen, Core, Ant Queen ... but nothing epic gems).

Objects / Equipment

The team will be the maximum level of Grade B,  Grade D will be available in stores in cities and degree C (mid) in exchange for Luxury crystals from everything else that degree must be Crafted. (With crafting system pre-GOD). The Soul Crystal are available (upload over RB) and Dyes are available in cities.

Partys and Clans

Maximum number of players at Party is 9 Exp bonus for Full Party. The level difference accepted in order to gain XP while you are in a party it’s set to 9. 
Clans can climb up to level 5 max and will feature two clan skills.There won’t be any Academy system on the Classic server.
As for the Clans halls, will exist under the old system of bids and for rent.
Informations in details : Clan in Classic


When a player is killed by a mob, loses 10% of Exp. And the possibility of dropping. When a player dies in PvP only a small percentage of lost Exp. As the PK, or PvP mob therefore, lose 10% of Exp. And can to drop.
 Informations in details: Death penalty in Classic

 Class and skills

Old Class Change Sytem with the three part 2nd Class quests. The 3rd Class Change will be available in the next update. Old Skill system is back.You will need to farm spellbooks again in order to learn your skills.

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