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Path to Kamael Warder

The quest can be started at lvl 18, but I advise just start at Level 20 because the new skills will only be available at this level.
NOTE: the screens are from my old web l2avadon. Soon i will upadate all to l2scroll. ­čśť

1-Start the quest at Master Sione at Kamael Guild in Gludin Village. See explains that to obtain the right to become a warder you must pass the Steelfile exam. She needs you to go to Abandoned Camp and defeat some Ol Mahums.

2-At Abandoned Camp both the Ol Mahum Novice and the Ol Mahum Patrols are outside the camp. You will need 10 Ol Mahum Orders and 5 Ol Mahum Organization Charts.

3-When you have all the pieces return to Master Sione.She sends you to talk to Gobie at Gludio.

4-Go to Gludio at Kamael Guild and yalk to Gobie.

5- He reads the document and asks you to see Captain Bathis while he analyzes the information you collected.Captain Bathis is at the North exit of town. He tells you these are military documents and sends you back to Gobie.

6- Gobie tells you as newcomers to the mainland we don't want to risk offending any other race. And Sends you to the Dark Elf Guild. Master Tobias takes the letter to the Dark Elves and sends you back to Gobie.

7- Gobie hands you a report to deliver it to Sione in Gludin.

8- Back to Sione anad she asks hows your test going. She tells you to go back to Gobie for your next set of orders. Gobie gives you a Empty Soul Crystal to take the soul of Ol Mahum Officer Tak.

9- Go to Maille Lizardman Barracks and kill Lizardmen till Ol Mahum Officer Tak apears. Defeat him and you will get his soul.

10-Return to Gobie and he gives you the Steelrazor Evaluation.

11- If you are level 20 go to the Kamael Grand Masters of any Kamael guild (Gludio, Dion, Gludin) and change your profession to Warder.

Note:2nd job lvl 40:Arbalester or Soul Breaker


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