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Testimony of Trust

 Level  37  Start Location  Oren Castle Town  Start Npc  High Priest Hollint  Races  Human  Classes  All  Repeatable  No (Solo)  Reward  Mark of Trust 1. Quest Starts at Oren Castle Town with High Priest Hollint at temple.He he asks you to carry his letters to the top leaders of the elves and dark elves. He will give you the quest item Letter to give to Elves.  2. Go to the Elven Village and find Hierarch Asterios at temple. He ask you to hunt some mobs and bring back some proof of this.  3. Go to Elven Forest and kill Dryads Elders until the Actea of Verdant Wilds respaws.Kill it and get the quest item Seed of Verdure. At same region kill Lireins until Luell of Zephyr Winds respaws. Kill it and get the quest item Breath of Winds.    4.Now take both of these quest items back to Asterios. And he will give you the quest item Elf's token of T