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Orcs 1st Class Transfer Quests

j Race Primary Class Class Transfer Quest 1st Class Orc Orc Fighter Path of the Orc Raider Raider Path of the Orc Monk Monk Orc Mystic Path of the Orc Shaman Orc Shaman

Elven 1st Class Transfer Quests

Race Primary Class Class Transfer Quest 1st Class Elf Elven Fighter Path of the Elven Knight Elven Knight Path of the Elven Scout Elven Scout Elven Mystic Path of the Elven Wizard Elven Wizard Path of the Elven Oracle Elven Oracle

Path to Elven Scout

he quest can be started at lvl 19, but I advise just start at Level 20 because the new skills will only be available at this level 1. Talk to Master Reisa at Warrior Guild in Gludio. She will give you Reoria's Letter2.She tells you to go to Abandoned Camp, but before talk to Guard Moretti. 2. Talk to Guard Moretti at the east gates of Gludio. He will take the letter. 3. Go to the Abandoned Camp and hunt Ol Mahum Patrols (lvl 21 passive) until you have Prigun's Tear Letter1, 2, 3, and 4. 4. Return the letters to Guard Moretti. He will take all the letters and give you Moretti's Herb and Moretti's Letter. 5. Go to Elven Village, after Neutral Zone and Talk to Prias. 6. Prias ask you to kill the Ol Mahum Sentries (lvl 17 passive) that are holding him captive to get the Rusted Key. 7. Talk to Prias again and he will take the herb and letter, and give you Prigun's Letter. 8. Take the letter back to Guard Moretti in Gludio. He will give you H