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LVL 39 - Good Works' Reward

This quest is the one that bypasses the normal 35, 37, and 39 2nd class change quests applied in Gracia Part 1 Chronic. You can still do those quests if you want. You need 3000.000 adenas. In spite of you had done one or two of the three quest needed fors 2nd class transfer you need have 3kk adenas. In end you will get back 1kk adenas for each quest you already had done.    Level  39  Start Location  Giran  Start Npc   Blueprint Seller Daeger  Races  All (not Kamael)  Classes  All (not Kamael ones)  Repeatable  No (Solo)  Reward 3 marks of 2nd class quest transfer 1. The quest start in Giran Castle Town in the Blacksmith shop with Blueprint Seller Daeger. He asks you to find his friend Mark.  2. Mark is a short run out of the west exit of Giran and appears to be a rather sick dark elf. 3. Talk to him   a mob called a P