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Test of the Champion

 Level  39  Start Location  Giran Castle Town  Start Npc  Veteran Ascalon  Races  Human  Orc  Classes  Destroyer  Warlord  Repeatable  No (Solo)  Reward  Mark of the Champion sp- 43600                  exp- 635371 adenas- 114882       dimensional diamond - undecided 1. The quest begins with the Veteran Ascalon who stands right in the weapons shop in Giran.He will send you to Dion Castle Town to talk to Mason. 2. Go to Dion. Mason is to the left of warehouse in end of building. He will tell you to go and collect 100 heads from the Bloody Axe's Royal Guards. 3. Go to Oren after Plains of Lizardman. Bloody Axe's Elite are on the way to Hunter's Village, before entering the cave, they will be south of the road. They are mixed together with Leto Lizardmen. Kill them till get 100 heads and then return to Mason.