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LVL 75- Seeds of chaos

 Level  75  Start Location  Kamael Village  Start Npc   Kekropus  Races  Kamael  Classes  all kamael  Repeatable  No (Solo)  Reward   Ability to subclass for Kamael and   Enchant Weapon A NOTE: You need done quest Fate's to whisper to get the Star of Destiny 1. To start this subclass quest talk to Hierarch Kekropus in the Kamael Village. Show him your Star Of Destiny.  He sends you to speak with the Wizard in Forest of the Dead . 2. Talk to the Mysterious Wizard and in quest question select the option "What is it?".  2- He sends you to hunt Needle Stakato Drone in Swamp of Screams area in order to get Black Echo Crystal. 3. When you get the quest item go back to the Mysterious Wizard . He summons Katenar. 4. Talk to Katenar. After some interesting chat with him he tells you to go and find Harkilgamed in Valley of the Saints.

Subclass Quests

In order to subclass you must do 4 quests. Below is the order of which you can and should take them. The first three are pre-requirements for the final one. 1.) Supplier of Reagents Level: 57 Location: Ivory Tower sopping level Trader Wesley Purpose: to be able to collect the reagant pouches which have moonstone shards, volcanic ash, and quicksilver needed for Mimir's elixir at 75. Hunt occasionally in Blazing Swamp and TOI to get reagant pouches as well as lava stones and stuff. DO NOT open the pouches unless you have room in warehouse for multiple components. 2.) An Arrogant Search Level: 60 Location: Aden DE Guild Magister Hanellin Purpose: get your bloody fabrics. You use 1 fabric per time entering the vortex to see Baium. 3.) Fate's Whisper Level: 75 Location: Skyshadow Meadow Maestro Reorin Purpose: collect the orb from cabrio, and the scepters from the 3 TOI raid bosses, to receive your pipette knife and stab Baium. At completion you receive the Sta