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LVL 75- Seeds of chaos

 Start Location
 Kamael Village
 Start Npc
 all kamael
 No (Solo)
 Ability to subclass for Kamael and
 Enchant Weapon A

NOTE: You need done quest Fate's to whisper to get the Star of Destiny

1. To start this subclass quest talk to Hierarch Kekropus in the Kamael Village. Show him your Star Of Destiny.  He sends you to speak with the Wizard in Forest of the Dead .
2. Talk to the Mysterious Wizard and in quest question select the option "What is it?".

 2- He sends you to hunt Needle Stakato Drone in Swamp of Screams area in order to get Black Echo Crystal.

3. When you get the quest item go back to the Mysterious Wizard . He summons Katenar.
4. Talk to Katenar. After some interesting chat with him he tells you to go and find Harkilgamed in Valley of the Saints.

5. You can't find Harkilgamed directly - first you need to find and speak with one Rock  in order to summon him.

6. Talk to Harkilgamed. Now you go hunting the mobs as he said:
     Wailing Of Splendor -     Judge Of Splendor -     Fang Of Splendor
 7. Once you collect all 62 Shinning Medallions go back to the Rock and talk to Harkilgamed again. After some quest chat screens he will send you to Hierarch Kekropus in the Kamael Village. Go to kamael village and speak with him.

8. Now you have to meet Vice Hierarch Mao in Soul Harbor. He will teleport you to Mother Nornil.

9. Meet the last of the heroes Rodenpicula in Nornil's Garden. She tells you many things and directs you to Mother Nornil (the statue behind her).

10. After talking to Mother Nornil talk again with Rodenpicula to get her permission for special ritual.

11. She gives you permission so talk to Mother Nornil again.

12. After so much talking - now talk to Rodenpicula for last time. She rewards with Scroll: Enchant Weapon (A).

13. Now you can create a sub class ! Go to the Kamael guild and get your sub class.

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