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LVL 75 - Fate's Whisper

 Start Location
 Start Npc
Maestro Reorin
A Grade Weapon / Subclass

Fate's Whisper
1) The quest begins with Maestro Reorin who is found east of Oren Castle Town. You'll be back here many times so remember the location.He will ask you to free his wife Reiria by slaying Shilen's Messenger Cabrio and get back her soul orb.
  NOTE: In FREYA Maestro Rorin is located at Sel Mahum Trainning Grounds

2) Shilen's Messenger Cabrio is located north east of the cemetery. A box will spawn out after it dies, you will receive Reiria's soul orb by opening it. You don't have to hit Cabrio, nor do you have to be in the party that kills it. Just get to the box quickly because it doesn't stay around long.
3) Take the soul orb back to Maestro Reorin, he will ask you to go Tower of Insolence to kill 3 Raid Bosses to get 3 Infernium Scepters.A box will spawn out after Raid Boss dies, you will receive Infernium Scepters by opening it and clicking Quest. Again, you don't have to hit the boss or be in party. Just bring a stack of patience to wait out the spawn times.

a) Tower of Insolence Third Floor - Hallate ( Hallate's Infernium Scepter )
 b) Tower of Insolence Eight Floor - Kernon ( Kernon's Infernium Scepter )

c) Tower of Insolence Eleventh Floor - Longhorn ( Golkonda's Infernium Scepter )

4) Return the Infernium Scepters to Maestro Reorin, he will ask you to go to Town of Oren to look for Warehouse Freight man Cliff to get Infernium Varnish. Talk to  Warehouse Freight man Cliff and he will give you the varnish .
5) Return Infernium Varnish to Maestro Reorin, he will ask you to go  to Town of Aden meet Head Blacksmith Ferris to get his Hammer in order to make A grade weapon. Talk to him and get the hammer.

6) Return Maestro Reorin's Hammer, now he needs his Mold from Trader Zenkin in Oren . Trader Zenkin is at weapon and armor shop. He says he sold the Mold to Master Kaspar at Hardins Private Academy.
7) Go to Giran or Hunters Village and use GK to Hardins Private Academy. Master Kaspar is into the cave.
He says in order to get the Mold, you will need to get Baium's blood by using the Pipette Knife that Master Kaspar gives you. 
To enter Baium's room, you need to get Blooded Fabric from An Arrogant Search quest.

NOTE : In Gracia Final It has been changed so that one can either choose to see Baium through Magister Kaspar or to hunt monsters in the Tower of Insolence during the 'Fate's Whisper' quest. If Baium is not chosen, the player is asked to hunt Platinum Tribe mobs at Tower of Insolence 6th and 7th floor and bloody 30 pieces of white cloth.

8) After you have a Blooded fabric in quest inventory, it's time for Baium. Baium spawns once every 5 days. He spawns anywhere from 5 days exactly from last death, to up to 8 hours later. Before you go anywhere find out from someone when he last died. Then be prepared to camp the Angel Vortex on TOI 13th floor for hours upon end. Once he spawns, when a player ports in, the minute they wake up Baium NO ONE ELSE CAN PORT IN. You also cannot port in until he spawns, so no porting in and just hanging out. You can't drop in on a wyvern either. You could go in with a friend, have the friend wake up him and you wack him with the knife. Once you hit him you earn a Red Pipette Knife
 9) Return to Master Kaspar and exchange for the Mold.

10) To finish the quest you will need a Top B grade weapon (from the list below) and 984 B grade crystals and return the Mold to Maestro Reorin. You will get to choose a low A grade weapon to trade up to, and receive the Star of Destiny final quest item.

    Sword Of Damascus
    Samurai Long Sword*Samurai Long Sword
    Bow Of Peril
    Art Of Battle Axe
    Staff Of Evil Spirits
    Demon Dagger
    Bellion Cestus
    Deadman's Glory

The list of low A weapons to choose from is listed below:

    Tallum Blade
    Carnage Bow
    Elemental Sword
    Dasparion's Staff
    Bloody Orchid
    Meteor Shower

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