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LVL 75 - Mimir's Elixir

 Start Location
 Start Npc
Magister Ladd, 4th floor Ivory Tower
craft the elixir to subclass/enchante weapon A

Before you start the quest:
- You must have finished the Fates's Whisper quest.

- This quest involves doing two different quests. Mimir's Elixir quest is the main quest, but in order to finish it you need to also have the Supplier of Reagents quest registered.

1. Talk to Magister Ladd at 4th floor of Ivory Tower. Ladd tells you to bring him Pure Silver, which can only be gotten through the other quest - Supplier of Reageants.

2. Talk to Supplier Wesley at basment of Ivory Tower.He will give you the Supplier of Reageants quest which is needed to get the quest items. Once you've got this quest, you can talk to the Mising Urn (Cauldron) located in the basement and see various things you can make by combining quest items.

3. Hunt Halate's Maids and Hames Orc Shaman to collect:
         100 Moonstone Shards from Halate's Maids on 3rd floor of Toi
         10 Volcano ashes from Hames Orc Shaman in Blazing Swamps
          2 Quick Silver. Quick Silver drops from both Halate's Maids and Hames Orc Shamans

4. Once you've collected all items, go back to the Cauldron in Ivory Tower and combine them according to the formulae to get Pure Silver. You can gamble a bit on the lesser reagents and select a high temperature to get more than one. Choose 1 degree to be safe and not risk failure. However, you must choose 1 degree when making the Pure Silver. This is specified in the quest.

The only formulas you need to know from this list are:
10 Moonstone shards + 1 Volcano Ash = 1 Moondust
10 Moondust + 1 Quick Silver = 1 Lunagent
1 Lunagent + 1 Quick Silver = 1 Pure Silver

5. Bring the Pure Silver to Ladd on 4th floor of IT.He will tell you he needs True Gold.

6. Talk to Magister Joann on 3rd floor IT. She will ask you to hunt Chimera Piece  to get a Stone of Wisdom.

7. Chimera Piece is Aden under Giant's Cave in Silent Valley. The drop is determined by most damage done. The mob is easy.

Note: See Chimera Piece after Freya chronicle:
8. Once you've got the Stone of Wisdom go back to IT and talk to Magister Joann again. Give her the stone and she gives you True Gold.

9. Talk to Ladd at 4th floor IT. Give him the True Gold. He will ask you to get Blood Fire.

10. Go to Giran and hunt Bloody Guardians in Antaras Lair for a Blood Fire. This mob is very hard to reach. It is deep in Antharas lair and in a community mob that is tough to solo. I highly suggest you find friends/clannies to help you These drop to whoever gets last hit.


 Note: In Freya Bloody Guardians can be found in Watchers Tomb near Death Pass. You can go by Hardins Private Academy.
11. When get the blood fire back to Ivory tower and now combine Pure Silver and True Gold together with the Blood Fire in the Cauldron in basement to get Mimir's Elixir.
Use 3rd degree to combine.

12. Bring Mimir's Elixir to Ladd at 4th floor. When you've talked to Ladd the elixir should disappear from the inventory and the quest will be completed. You will get an A grade weapon enchant as a bonus and the right to train 1 subclass.
See informations about  SUBCLASS

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