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Alliance with Varkas Silenos - Level 1 and 2

Start Level : 74 Start Location: Varka Silenos Post Type: Rewards, Repeatable, Party Different rewards for different lvls of quest, lvl 5 of this quest gives random S grade armor recipe Races: All Classes: All When you choose this quest you must kill Ketra Orcs (the enemy of your ally). Attention! While you have this quest don't hit/kill silenos or don't let your party hit silenos or your quest will end and you have to start all over again. This quest has 5 levels. As you increase the level of the alliance, you gain access to shops, raid bosses and other quests. * when you do 3rd class transfer quests you need only level 1 and lvl 2 of this quest   FORM AN ALLIANCE – LEVEL 1   1. To start the quest teleport to Varka silenos area from Goddart and speak with Varka's Messenger Naran Ashanuk 2. He tells you to get 100 Ketra’s Badges – Soldier. Go to the Ketra Orc Outpost and hunt any of those:     Ketra’s War Hounds     Ketra O