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Humans 1st Class Transfer Quests

Race Primary Class Class Transfer Quest 1st Class Human Human Fighter Path of the Warrior Warrior Path of the Human Knight Human Knight Path of the Rogue Rogue Human Mystic Path of the Human Wizard Human Wizard

Human 2nd Class Transfer Quests

2ND CLASS TRANSFER QUESTS have 3 quests to be done. After get the mark of the all quests go to Master Guild of your class to change to your 2nd class profession.
Follow the links below and Good Luck.

Human Knight
Class 1st Quest 2nd Quest 3rd Quest Paladin Trial of Duty Testimony of TrustTest of the Healer Dark Avenger Trial of Duty
Testimony of Trust Test of Witchcraft
Human Rogue
Class 1st Quest 2nd Quest 3rd Quest Treasure Hunter Trial of SeekerTestimony of TrustTest of the Searche

Saga of the Sagittarius