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Saga of the Maestro

 Level  76  Start Location  Rune Castle Town  Start Npc Chief Golem Craftsman Telson  Races  Dwarven  Classes  Warsmith  Repeatable  No    Reward Become Maestro, Secret Book of Giants, 5.000.000 adenas, 2299404 exp 1. To start the quest speak with Chief Golem Craftsman Telson at Blacksmith in Rune Castle Town. He tells you tha t here is a Dwarf who left before you to take the test to become a Maestro. Meet Master Tobald in the Town of Goddard to get more information about the test. 2. Go to Goddard and talk to Master Tobald at Blacksmith. He tells you that Wilma #3, the time machine developed and built by Master Tom has broken down. Tobald asked his disciple, blueprint seller Borodin, to repair the time machine's cooling system. Go meet Borodin and ask him about the cooling system.   3. Blueprint Seller Borodin is at same place. He says that in order to fix