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Dwarven 1st Class Transfer Quests

  Race Primary Class Class Transfer Quest 1st Class Dwarf Dwarven Fighter Path of the Scavenger Scavenger Path of the Artisan Artisan

Dwarven 2nd Class Transfer Quests

2ND CLASS TRANSFER QUESTS have 3 quests to be done. After get the mark of the all quests go to Master Guild of your class to change to your 2nd class profession. Follow the links below and Good Luck. Class 1st Quest 2nd Quest 3rd Quest Bounty Hunter Trial of Guildsman Testimony of Prosperity Test of the Searche Class 1st Quest 2nd Quest 3rd Quest Warsmith Trial of Guildsman Testimony of Prosperity Test of the Maestro

Test of the Maestro

 Level  39  Start Location  Dwarven Village  Start Npc  Iron Gate's Lockirin  Races  Dwarf  Classes  Warsmith  Repeatable  No (Solo)  Reward  Mark of the Maestro sp- 70620                 exp- 1029122 adenas-186077       dimensional diamond - undecided The quest Starts at the Dwarven Village in the elder concil. Talk to Elder Lockirin. Then you have to collect 3 recommendations from the elders below and then complete the quest with Lockirin. A) Elder Arin will ask you to find Toma. 1A- Talk to Elder Arin. Now you have to find Master Toma. He is never in the same place so look at the locations marked on the map below. Attention: He changes place after an average of 30 minutes.             1 *   At the northern entrance of the Mythril mines             2 *   Fund

Testimony of Prosperity

 Level  37  Start Location  Giran Castle Town  Start Npc  Warehouse Freightman Parman  Races  Dwarf  Classes  All  Repeatable  No (Solo)  Reward  Mark of Prosperity You will need: 10 Crystals - D Grade 100 Animal Skin 1) Go to Giran Castle Town and talk to Warehouse Freightman Parman. He will ask you to get 4 items. 2) Go to Dwarven Village and talk to Iron Gate's Lockirin at Elder concil. He asks you to talk with all in the room. Each one will ask you to pick up a iten. Now you must speak to various NPCs around town to collect some items:             - Carrier Torocco:  Hidden behind the warehouse. Talk to him and you will gain the Procuration of Torocco.             - Trader Mion: She is in the Magic Shop. You wil earn the Contribution of Mion.             - Maryse Redbonnet:  She stays in the house in front of the Bronze Key Guild. Talk to