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Test of the Maestro

 Start Location
 Dwarven Village
 Start Npc
 Iron Gate's Lockirin
 No (Solo)
 Mark of the Maestro
sp- 70620               exp- 1029122
adenas-186077      dimensional diamond - undecided

The quest Starts at the Dwarven Village in the elder concil. Talk to Elder Lockirin. Then you have to collect 3 recommendations from the elders below and then complete the quest with Lockirin.

A) Elder Arin will ask you to find Toma.

1A- Talk to Elder Arin. Now you have to find Master Toma. He is never in the same place so look at the locations marked on the map below.

Attention: He changes place after an average of 30 minutes.

            1 *  At the northern entrance of the Mythril mines

            2 *  Funds spiral staircase which is at the northern entrance of the Coal Mines

            3 *  In a small island on the north coast.

Note: Since CT2 Toma doesn't change of place. He is always in the small island on the north cost (3).

2A- When find Toma talk to him and choose the option "I will help". You will be teleported to somewhere in Dwarven Land with 3 monsters attacking you. Kill them and get Broken Teleport Device. Now go back to Master Toma and talk to him. He will give you 5 teleport apparati.

Warning: Maybe he won't be in the same place.

3A- Return to the Dwarven Village and talk to Anvil's Arin in the elder concil. He will get the 5 teleport apparati and you will get the 1st recomendation.

B) Elder Balanki will ask to find Captain Croto.

1B- Talk to Elder Balanki. He will send you look for Captain Croto. He is also in Dwarven Village. Chief Croto asks you to find Kamur.

 2B- To find Kamur, you should take the gatekeeper to Orc Village. Then travel to the Cave of Trials. In the Cave of Trials, click on Kamur's body. The conversation window will say a monster eye general caused him to die.READ 3B

3B- The wall in the direction of his left arm will open. Go through the wall. Find the Evil Eye Lord. If you kill it you will receive the quest item Kamur's Necklace. Go back to Dwarven Village and give it to Croto.

 4B- Return to Balanki and he will give you the  2nd recommendation.

C) Elder Filaur will ask you to get a research report.

 1C- Talk to Elder Filaur. Now you will have to go to Dion and teleport to Cruma Tower. However, you do not need to go in the tower. You need to find Tower Resident Rorein. She is in entrance of Cruma Tower.

 2C- Talk to her and she will ask you to collect 10 Mist Spider's Blood, 10 Weird Bee's poison stinger, and 10 Swamp spider's webs. They are all in the swampy area outside of the tower.

            10 Stinger Wasp Needle- Kill Stinger Wasp

            10 Marsh Spider Webs - Kill Marsh spider

            10 Leech Bloods- Kill Giant Mist Leech

 3C- Once you have collected all of them back to Rorein and she will give you a Research Essay.

4C - Return to elder concil in Dwarven Village and talk to Filaur and he will give you the final recommendation.

Now talk to Iron Gate's Lockirin and he will give you the Mark of Maestro.

Congratulations! You finished the Test Of Maestro!

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