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Guide Kamaloka

What is Kamaloka?             
           The Kamaloka are instances where you can get much exp, sp and drops. There are 3 types of them: The Kamaloka Hall of Abyss ( added in Gracia Part 1), Kamaloka Labyrinth of Abyss ( added in Gracia Part 2 and Rim kamaloka (added in INNOVA-Official Russian server in 2014).
            Before you enter Kamaloka you should definitly start the related "Mutated Kaneus" Quests. You can accept this quest for each town. For that you just need to kill the boss on level x3 and x6 for each town once. After that talk to the NPC again. It will give you SP, Adena and EXP. Totally worth it, especially for beginner.
Quest Mutated Kaneus 

Why should you go in this instance daily?
- Low lvl Kamaloka - at least for XP, enchants and armors/weapons (for crystals)
- High lvl Kamaloka - at least for XP, enchants but also for A grade weapons (lvl 69), A grade armors and jewels (lvl 73), S grade armors and weapons (lvl 78/81) with full drops drop chance between 2% to 6%.

1- The Kamaloka Hall of Abyss ( all kamalokas with end 3 and 6- Ex 23/36/33/36/43/46....)
The entry requirements for this new instanced dungeon are as follows:
  • Entry NPC - Guard Captain
  • Party Requirement - Party of 2-6
  • Type - Raid-type hunting ground
  • Instanced Zone Duration - 30 minutes
  • Entry Limitations - Once per day
NOTE1: The entry limitation time resets every day at 6:30 AM (server time). The Guard Captain
aptNOTE 2: There is a quest into kamalokas to get a lot of itens : Certification of Value
NPC is located at the center of each village or town that is listed below.Locations of Kamaloka + character levels needed for entry are as follows:
  • Gludio Castle Town: Bathis (levels 18-31)
  • Dion Castle Town: Lucas (levels 28-41)
  • Town of Heine: Gosta (levels 38-51)
  • Town of Oren: Mouen (levels 48-61)
  • Town of Schuttgart: Vishotsky (levels 58-71)
  • Rune Township: Mathias (levels 68-78)

2- Kamaloka Labyrinth of Abyss ( all kamaloka with end 9 - Ex: 29/39/49/59 ....)
To enter Kamaloka - Labyrinth of the Abyss, you must meet the following requirements:
Entrance NPC
Guard Captain
2 - 9 party members
Type of Instance
A breakthrough type raid boss battle
45 Minutes
Entry Restrictions
Each character can only enter once per day
Instant Zone Reset
The zone resets after 5 minutes if no PC's are inside.
The entry restriction time resets at 6:30 am daily.

3- Rim Kamaloka
            Rim Kamaloka is a solo kamaloka that was implemented in Korea as an instance zone that was only accessible trough a certain branch of net-cafe and on Innova it will only be available for Premium users.  Inside you will find mobs that give pretty good exp, are easy to kill and based on how well you perform you will get a reward at the end of the instance (20 minutes).
Kamaloka variant
Rim Kamaloka (20-30), Rim Kamaloka (25-35)
Rim Kamaloka (20-30), Rim Kamaloka (25-35), Rim Kamaloka (30-40)
Rim Kamaloka (30-40), Rim Kamaloka (35-45), Rim Kamaloka (40-50)
Rim Kamaloka (35-45), Rim Kamaloka (40-50), Rim Kamaloka (45-55), Rim Kamaloka (50-60)
Rim Kamaloka (45-55), Rim Kamaloka (50-60), Rim Kamaloka (55-65), Rim Kamaloka (60-70)
Rim Kamaloka (55-65), Rim Kamaloka (60-70), Rim Kamaloka (65-75), Rim Kamaloka (70-80), Rim Kamaloka (80-85)

- The kamaloka is available once per day, but it's not based on when you last did it, but rather on a set time (resets for everyone at 6:30am CST).
- You need a group of 2-5 people to do a normal Kamaloka, or up to 9 ppl to do the special kamalokas (more on those later)
- These bosses are not raidbosses, they can be bled, stunned, rooted, etc. Also they do very very little damage (alot like a normal mob) and can be killed without much trouble in most cases and the amount of xp from them is almost equivalent to a raidboss
- You must be within 5 lvl's of the Kamaloka to port in
- To enter, the party leader talks to the Instance guard located in town and ports you in (sorta like you'd enter a rift)
- In the kamaloka, you can't bring in outisde buffs except for the noobie buffs if your of that lvl. So, if you want any buffs inside, bring along a buffer.
- Kamaloka's have a 30minute time limit, and if you fail to kill the boss you can try again after your ported out, although he'll also be restarted at full hp.

            One can enter once per day and LVL of the players must be +5; -5 relation to the Kamaloca levels. To enter the Kamaloka, all the party needs to be gathered before Input npc. NOTE: The screens are from Dion Kamaloka but the process is the same to all kamalokas.

1. The leader of the party then chooses the dialog options with the NPC - "Enter Kamaloka". The screens are of Dion Kamaloka but the process is the same in all kamalokas.

 2. Now choose the desired option and the whole group will be transported into the dungeon.

NOTE: In case of death you can come back to town and go again using the same option that the leader used. If 5 minutes at no character within the Kamaloca resets and reloads all the monsters again. If you can not kill the boss, you can try again. Show time remaining notices to the members of the group when lacking 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute and 30 seconds.


- Captain Bathis (Town of Gludio): Level 23, 26, 29
- Captain Lucas (Town of Dion): Level 33, 36, 39
- Captain Gosta (Heine): Level 43, 46, 49
- Captain Mouen (Town of Oren): Level 53, 56, 59
- Captain Vishotsky (Town of Schuttgart) Level 63, 66, 69
- Captain Mathias (Town of Rune): Level 73, 78, 81, 83

NOTE: The above kamaloka are solo Raid Bosses except Labyrinth of the Abyss instances with levels 29/39/49/59/69/78/81 with mobs and 2 RBs (1st for xp and 2nd for drops), for which info are last


    LVL 23 - Gludio
    Appearance: Bugbear
    Special Skills: AOE Stun
    Minions: None
    Strategy: Just attack, very easy to 2-man melee should be able to duo it. It does pathetic damage to you, and is only annoying for the aoe stuns.

    LVL 26 - Gludio
    Appearance: Ol Mahum
    Special Skills: AOE hit (don't keep your baby pet nearby)
    Minions: One, another melee minion to back him up. He'll only summon the 1 minion though so you can kill it to have him resummon later
    Strategy: Very easy to 2-man provided both players can wear heavy--otherwise use three players. Have lowest DPS tank hit the minion to take aggro, then just ignore it until the fight is over.

    LVL 33 - Dion
    Appearance: Undead Bear
    Special Skills: Stationary AOE Smash (x5), Rsk. Haste
    Minions: None
    Strategy: Another easy boss, he will periodically run to one player and sit his [censored] down to smash the ground dealing AOE damage around him. Simply run away until he finishes doing this (5 times). Also, at 10% health, he kicks on haste so his attacks become a lot faster.

    LVL 36 - Dion
    Appearance: Floating Eye
    Special Skills: Aura Flare, Drain Health
    Minions: Unlimited
    Strategy: The boss and his minion will use both magic and physical attacks often so ensure you have a good set of jewelery. He will periodically summon an eye to assist him but unlike other kamaloka bosses, he will summon more and more despite already having an active one.
    Whenever he spawns a minion, kill it--Otherwise you may end up with 5 pelting at you.. and you will die. Even with Top D jewelery, his life drain will crit often for 400-900 damage so make sure you keep your HP above 50%.
    Tank use a polearm for this boss to hit both the boss and the minion at the same time.

    LVL 43 - Heine
    Appearance: Mutant Stakato
    Special Skills: Nothing notable
    Minions: One, healer
    Strategy: When his HP dips below 50%, he will summon a healer which heals him for quite a bit. This boss is extremely difficult and you will probably not be able to 2-man this one. After you kill his healer, he will spawn another one right away. I recommend sleeping the minion constantly so that it is not healing him and you are not wasting DPS (because he will spawn another after it dies anyways).

    LVL 46 - Heinne
    Appearance: Dragon
    Special Skills: Soul Confine
    Minions: None
    Strategy: This boss is easy to 2-man provided that both players provide adequate DPS. This boss will periodically use Soul Confine on one player (Lasts roughly 10 seconds) which is similar to paralysis--except you cannot receive damage while confined. He also uses an AOE water-element skill, but it does not do a lot of damage unless you are not wearing jewelery.

    LVL 53 - Oren
    Appearance: Demon
    Special Skills: Disarm, Sonic Blaster
    Minions: Suicide Bomb
    Strategy: This boss can also be 2-man'ed quite easily provided both players provide adequate DPS. He will periodically disarm your highest DPS'er and use Sonic Blaster on the caster. Don't forget to re-equip your weapon!
    He will also periodically summon a minion which flies to a player (usually the caster, but I've seen the melee DD take it) and explodes. A critical can do 2600 damage, even using a +3 BO set, otherwise it will normally do 200-500. Keep your HP near full because of this--you don't want to risk getting crit and killed.
    If you'd rather not tank the explosion, you can simply run away JUST before it explodes. If you run away too early, it will simply follow you until you stop.

    LVL 56 - Oren
    Appearance: Undead Knight
    Special Skills: None
    Minions: Dark Panther (Unlimited)
    Strategy: You'll need at least three players for this one. This boss does rather high DPS on his own and also periodically summons panthers (do not bother killing these). He will call out a players name and all panthers will attack that player. Have the target simply run around while others kill the boss and take turns running around as you are targetted by the panthers,till they switch to someone else.

    LVL63 - Schuttgart
    Appearance: Demon (like Falibati, half snake half woman)
    Special Skills: No reports :/
    Minions: One.
    Strategy: It's a very easy Kamaloka, just kill the minion that will start to heal the main boss if you don't kill it quick.

    LVL 66 - Schuttgart
    Appearance: Angel Race Mob (like the Platinum Tribe)
    Special Skills: AOE dmg, AOE  fear
    Minions: One
    Strategy: Also easy kamaloka, the minion helps the boss just kill it and concentrate on the boss
    Drop possilities: Blue Wolf Boots Designs(14-263), Doom Boots Part(61-162), Blue Wolf Gloves Fabric(24-87), Doom Gloves Part(17-70), Blue Wolf Boots, Scroll: Enchant Armor A, Doom Gloves, Blue Wolf Gloves, Scroll: Enchant Weapon A, Boots of Doom

    LVL 73 - Rune
    Appearance: Eye ball
    Special Skills: Windshackle, Icebolt
    Minions: Multiple
    Strategy: Annoying kamaloka really, but not really hard. The minions eyeballs that have a REALLY annoying aoe petrification which lasts 2 seconds,it's quite a constant petrification too...multiple minions doing it all at different times...really...annoying...:/

    LVL 76 - 81- Rune
    (infos soon)

            In Labyrinth of the Abyss, unlike other types of Kamaloka, there are 4 rooms. There are different mobs in each room. Even though in each Labyrinth of the Abyss in every room there are absolutely different mobs, there’s a general principle of walking through all Labyrinths of the Abyss.
Here 3 examples of your party setup:
1) tank, healer, bd/sws, ol/wc, dd, dd, dd (takes long but is safe)
2) bd/sws, healer, ol/wc, dd, dd, dd, summoner (bd or sws can tank easy and summoner will help you to pass the first room easy and damages the raid more)
3) bd/sws, ol/wc, dd, dd, dd, dd, dd (fastest way but most risky one.. one of the DD should be necro or summoner so he can heal the bd/sws a bit)

Room 1
            There are 9 mobs in room 1. Only one of them is true (the queen), other are fake and will appear again when you’ve killed them. If you kill the real mob, the fake ones will stop appearing, but it’s not necessary to kill them. In low lvl labyrinths you need to lure 1-5 mobs (depends you your party) and kill them until the party have killed the queen. Most effective way of finding the real mob is as follows: you should have a Dagger (lvl 52) in you party, who has Lure.jpg Lure skill and a Summoner (lvl 56), who has Betray.jpg Betray skill. The Dagger lures 1 mob, then the Summoner uses his/her Betray.jpg Betray on it. If this mob is a fake one, it’ll run and start attacking the real one. If the mob is a real one, this skill won’t affect it. If the real mob in room 1 is killed, P. Def. of Labyrinth Guard will decrease by 1/3. A party of mages doesn’t need to kill the real mob in this room. They may pass through the room staying very close to the walls, or use invisibility to move further.

In labyrinths lvl 78 and 81 instead of a dagger you can use the following link: Arbalester (lvl 49) with Temptation.jpg Temptation + Spectral Dancer (lvl 77) with Dance of Shadows.jpg Dance of Shadows skill. In labyrinth lvl 83 this tactics is useless as the mobs can see the character using Dance of Shadows skill.

Room 2

            Unlike Room 1, in Room 2 all the mobs are real. Once you’ve killed all the mobs in this room, M. Def. of Labyrinth Guard will decrease by 1/3. Short-range warriors or archers don’t have to kill the mobs in this room, they can pass through staying close to the walls or use invisibility to move further.
Players usually pass through this room staying close to the walls and M. Def. is not very important for tanks and other short-range warriors.

Room 3

            In room 3 there’s one strong mob – the Raid Boss. If you kill it, Labyrinth Guard’s attack will decrease by 1/3.

Room 4 - Labyrinth Guard

            In room 4 there’s the Raid Boss - Labyrinth Guard and his companions: 2 warriors and 2 healers/buffers.
Tactics: The tank agres the Raid Boss, running around the big circle. At the same time, the party kills healers/buffers (Lost Assistant Guard). It’s very important to kill the healers first. Then you need to take down the healers, and then – the Raid boss. If warriors and healers start respowning, repeat the same tactics again.

How it works
            Kill as much monsters as you can but you have only 20 mins.There are several x1 non-aggro mobs inside. They dont drop anything. When you kill the mobs, there is opportunity that a stronger mob appears - Doppler or Void. The more of these additional mobs you kill, the better the reward. Don't hurry if you want the best reward. The goal is to get longest sequence of Dopplers/Voids from one ordinary mob. Kill them until they are finished, then go to the next mob.

How to enter
           Talk to Pathfinder Worker (He is beside Captain of Kamaloka in all cities).

You can get Dopplers/Voids to appear by:
1. Over-hits, critical hits, powerful skills on the normal mobs
2. Tank aggro/hate on the normal mobs
Note: Voids will transform and temporary have frenzy, if you are a robe user: watch out!

Regular mob killed
Doppler killed
Void killed
Skill usage
First hit make more than 2/3 hp damage
Void die immediately after spawn
When room cleared
When mob uses skills
When mob uses buffs
When mob aggros on you due to attack on another mob
When you use buffs (not sure about pets)
When level difference 3 or more
If you fight with mob more than 10 sec
If you fight with mob more than 30 sec

You will get a rating from D to S grade after 20min and based on your rating you will get rewards (shots, potions, elixers, enchants and a very slim chance on full items). Rewards decrease if mobs are "green".
    At the end appear in center of room the NPC ranger. He can know your results (from D to S), and you will get a reward: Equipment Pathfinder (box) and Essences Kanabiona (like Crystals D rank). Number issued by the essence depends on the Kama Loka.
    At the end you receive a small chest with reward and from 4 to 32 Esence of Kamaloka which you can exchange with NPC Pathfinder Worker for other items:
        Pathfinder Reward D grade (20% chance for EWB)
        Pathfinder Reward C grade (15% chance for EWA)
        Pathfinder Reward B grade (10% chance for EWS)
        Pathfinder Reward A grade (you can gain Atribut Stone or the luckiest ones can win a Dynasty weapon)
        Pathfinder Reward S grade (you can gain Atribut Cruystal or the luckiest ones can win an Icarus weapon, you can also gain a Neolitic Orb S or S80)
        Pathfinder Reward AU Karm
        Pathfinder Reward AR Karm
        Pathfinder Reward AE Karm

Trade of essences:
• Essence Kanabiona received from Pathfinder can be exchanged for rewards:

10 essences Kamaloka
Pathfinder Award D-Grade
◦ Scroll: Enchant Weapon B (EWB)
20 essences Kamaloka
Award Pathfinder S-Rank
◦ Scroll: Enchant Weapon A (EWA)
50 essences Kamaloka
Pathfinder Award B-Rank
◦ Scroll: Enchant Weapon S (EWS)
100 essences Kamaloka
Pathfinder Award A-Rank
◦ Stone Fire / Water / Wind / Earth / Darkness / Holiness
◦ Scroll: Enchant Weapon S (EWS)
200 essences Kamaloka
Award Pathfinder S-Rank
◦ Stone Fire / Water / Wind / Earth / Darkness / Holiness
◦ Scroll: Enchant Weapon S (EWS)
• Essence can not sell, dispose of, trade. However, they can be put to the Personal Store.

You can enter Rim Kamaloka once per day. Just type the command /instancezone. If you own an item Extra Entrance Pass - Near Kamaloka, you can enter Rim Kamaloka once more during 1 day.

 Good Luck!

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