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Test of the Magus

 Start Location
 Dion Castle Town
 Start Npc
 Bard Rukal
 Dark Elf, Elf, Human
 Sorcerer,  Spellhowler,  Spellsinger
 No (Solo)
 Mark of Magus
sp- 70620                exp- 1029122
adenas- 186077      dimensional diamond - undecided

1. The quest begins at the temple in Dion Castle Town with Bard Rukal. He will give you the quest item Rukal's Letter and send you off to Gludin Village to find Parina. 
 2. Go to Gludin Temple and give the letter to Parina and she will give you her own letter and tell you to go find Wiseman Casian over in Wasteland.

3. Go to Wasteland and and give to Cassin the Parina's letter. He will tell you the locations of the 3 vicious Singing Flowers and ask you to kill them and get their seeds.

4. Now you have to kill theem.The locations where they appear are:
            4.1 - Singing Flower Darkling - South of Giran

            4.2 - Singing Flower Phantasm - Fellmere Lake (Gludin region)

            4.3 - Singing Flower Nightmare - Near Ivory Tower (Oren region)

5. When you have collected the 3 seeds, go back to Wasteland and talk to Casian. He will tell you to go to Dion and talk with Rukal again.

6. Go to Dion Temple and talk to Rukal. He will tell you to find the 4 great elemental spirits and write on sheet music the spirits' music.
(**)TIP: It is best to talk with all 4 spirits first and then do all 4 errands at the same time. After you have collected the required items for each spirit, return to the spirits and get the quest items of proof from them.
The 4 spirits are:
6.1 - Water Element (Water Undine) located at Fellmere Lake ( Gludin Region). He will tell you to go to Cruma Marshlands in Dion region to collect 20 Waterdrops of Dazzlement by killing Marsh Stakato and Toad Lord. After got the items back to him and he will give you his certificate.

6.2 - Fire Element (Flame Salamaner)located at Ruins of Despair ( Gludio Region). The spirit of fire will ask you to bring back 5 crystals of fire by killing quests monsters Ghost Fire that is at the Ivory Tower crater in Oren region. After get the items back to him and he will give you his certificate.

6.3 - Wind Element ( Wind Sylph) located at Wasteland ( Gludin Region). He requires you to go kill Wyrm, Harpy, and Windsus to collect as evidence: 20 Harpy's feathers, 10 Wyrm's wing bones, and 10 Windsus' manes. They are all in Giran region. After get the items back to him and he will give you his certificate.

6.4 - Earth Element (Earth Snake) located at Ruins of Agony (Gludio Region). He ask you to go to the Ivory Tower Crater in Oren region and hunt Enchanted Monster Eye, and Enchanted Iron Golem and Enchanted Stone Golem and collect 10 totems. After get the items back to him and he will give you his certificate.

7. After get  the 4 certificates return to to Rukal in Dion. When you meet Rukal again he will give you the final quest item Mark of the Magus.

Congratulations! You have completed the Test of Magus !

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