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Test of the Healer

 Start Location
 Giran Castle Town
 Start Npc
 Priest Bandellos
 Elf,  Human
 Bishop,  Elder,  Paladin,  Temple Knight
 No (Solo)
 Mark of the Healer
sp -50662    exp- 738283  
adena- 133490     dimensional diamond -undecided

1-The quest begins at the temple of Giran Castle Town with the Priest Bandellos.

2-Bandellos sends you to Gludin Village to find the Perrin.He is in Gludin Harbor.He will ask you to pay 100k adenas. The only opition is say NO.
He will call his bodyguard Tamota. Kill him!.After talk to Perrin again and he will tell you to talk to Allana.

3- Allana is in the same region. Talk to her and she will send you to Gludio Castle Town to find the Orphanage Head Gupu.

4-Gupu will ask you if you will or will not donate 100,000 adena.Choose the second option to not donate.

Note: if you donate a quest followed different this.

5-Talk to him again and he will tell you to go to Gludio Castle Town to find the Master Sorius (the warrior guild) .After speak with their NPC he will tell you to go to the Orc Barracks and find Dowrin Hammercrusher. 

6- Go to Gludin and take GK to Orc Barracs.Find Daurin and talk to him. When you close the conversation window, 3 Lizard Monsters will appear.Kill them and talk again with Daurin.

 7- Go to Dark Elf Vilage and take GK to Spider nest and walk to Altar of rifts. Talk to Slain Shining Blade (He is on the left side of the altar).

8- He will ask you to find 3 Questionable Dark Elves The location of the Questionable Dark Elves are shown below. 

Note: I went only in the first location and spoke to the same Questionable Dar Elf several times and each time he respawed the the quests monsters that the quest ask. I did not need to go to other locations.

NOTE: When you click on Questinables appeared the Quest Monster to kill you, so kill them.
-First = 3 Lizardman will appear for you to kill.

-Second = 3 Lizardman Archers will appear for you to kill.

-Third = 2 Lizardman Shamans and Overlord
will appear for you to kill.

9-  Once you get the quest items, go to the area southwest of the Altar of Rites and find the Saint Kristina.

10- Now go back to talk to Sorius in Gludio warrior guild and after go to Giran temple and talk to Bandellos and win the final quest item to the Mark of the Healer.

Congratulations! You have completed the Test of Healer!

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