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Test of Witchcraft

 Start Location
 Dragon Valley
 Start Npc
 Orim of the Shadow
 Dark Elf,  Human
 Dark Avenger, Necromancer, Shillien Knight
 No (Solo)
 Mark of Witchcraft
sp- 70620            exp- 1029122
adenas- 186077  dimensional diamond - undecided

1. The quest begins at Dragon Valley with Orim. He will ask you to go collect 6 peaces of jewelry and come back.

2. Go to Giran Castle Town and speak with Alexandria in Luxury Shop. She will give you a book.

3. Next, you have to go to the Mage's Guild and find Magister Iker. 

Iker will want you to go collect the following items:

-20 Dire Wyrm's teeth - Kill  Dire Wyrm in Sea of Spores (Oren area)

- 20 Leto Lizardman's amulets - Kill  Leto Lizardman in Plains of Lizardman (Oren area)

 - 20 Strengthened Iron Golem's stone heart - Kill Enhanted Stone Golem in Ivory Tower Crater ( Oren area)

4. Return to Ilker in Giran Magic Guild and now He will give you the 1st gem.

5. Now go to Giran Dark elf Guild and talk to Magister Kaira. She will give you the 2nd gem. 

6. Now, go to Dion Castle Town in the Grocery Store talk to Trader Lara. She will tell you to talk to Warden Roderik in Execution Ground.

7. Go to Execution Ground and talk to Roderik. He will tell you to kill Nameless Departed Spirit [Nameless Revenant] that He  will give you another gem.

8. The nameless spirit can be found in a hollow north of execution ground. Kill him and got the 3rd gem.

9. Now, go to Gludin Village in the Grocery Store and talk to Trader Nestle. She sends you to talk Leopold.

 10. Leopold is nearby close to the south-eastern exit, behind Weapond and Armor Shop.He will tell you to go to Wasteland and kill Skeleton Mercernary.
 11. Go to Wasteland and kill Skeleton Mercerary till collect the last 3 gems (4th, 5th, 6th).

12. Back to Orim in Death Pass and  he will tell you to go and get the Soultrap Crystal and a Sealed Sword.

NOTE: Zeruel will appear. DONT HIT HIM AT THIS MOMENT.

13. Go to Giran Mages Guild and talk to  Magister Iker again. He will give you the Soultrap crystal of Restraint..

14. Go to Gludin Village and talk to Sir Karrel Vasper, he will tell you that you must go to Oren Castle Town and go to the Temple to find Vadin.

15. Go to Oren Temple and talk to Priest Vadin. He will tell you to go collect 20 Tamrin Orc amulets.

16.  The Tamrin orcs are south of the road on the way to Hunter's Village, past the cave. Kill them till get 20 items.

17. Return to Vadin in Oren temple and after go to talk to Vasper in Gludin ans he will give you the sword. Remember to buy soulshot nograde.

18. Now you you can run to Floran Village or teleport to Wasteland's southern area and run. You will have to go kill Zeruel who is hidden in Fisherman Evert. You have to kill  Zeruel using the sealed sword. 

19. Once you kill Zeruel  return to Orim in Dragon Valley and he will give you the Mark of the Witchcraft.


Congratulations! You have completed the Test of Witchcraft!

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