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Festival of Darkness


Among the players participating in the Festival of Darkness, the party that records the best score in each level will contribute points to their Cabal. The Festival of Darkness is divided by level and any players belonging to either of the Cabals can participate.

A party comprised of 5 to 9 members participates in the Festival of Darkness.

  • How to Participate: Players may participate only during the competition period. The party wishing to participate should pay Seal Stones to the Guide of the Festival in the Oracle. Priests in towns will teleport you to the Festival for free. Entry fees vary depending on level, and must be paid by party leaders. Parties must consist of a minimum of 5 members belonging to the same Cabal. Members of each party must correspond to the level of the Festival in which they want to participate. Characters who correspond to the level of the Festival, but who have higher level skills than the party members, may not participate. This happens when the character is de-leveled, but his skills learned from the previous higher level remain. These challenges are always possible during the competition period and there is no limit in the number of challenges.

  • Place of the Festival: During the Festival, items are not dropped on death and experience loss is reduced by one-fourth. However, chaotic players may still drop items upon death. In the center magic array of the Festival, recovery of MP is faster than elsewhere. Players can be teleported to the Festival and can return to their original location free of charge through the Priest of each village. Upon death, players restart inside the room. The place where the Festival of Darkness occurs.

  • Festival Costs: The Festival of Darkness is divided into five grades, such as less than a 32 level, less than a 43 level, less than a 54 level, less than a 65 level and an unlimited level.

  • For each level listed below, pay the indicated amount of either Blue, Green or Red Stones.
Blue Seal Stones
Green Seal Stones
Red Seal Stones
Below 32
Below 43
Below 54
Below 65
No Limit

  • Process

Teleporting to the battleground is possible only two minutes before the Festival of Darkness begins. Once enrollment is completed through the Festival Guide, parties are immediately teleported to the Festival location. After two minutes of prep time, the Festival begins and continues for 18 minutes while the participants kill the monsters and collect the 'Blood of Sacrifice'. The number collected corresponds to the score registered in the Festival of Darkness. All of the 'Blood of Sacrifice' acquired from the hunt is automatically given to the party leader.
During the Festival the party leader will obtain 'Blood of Sacrifice'.
If the party feels the need to leave the Festival early they can do so via the Festival Witch located in the center of the room. If they think the Festival needed added challenge, then they can request stronger minions from the Festival Witch. The stronger the monster killed, the more ‘Blood of Sacrifice’ they can acquire. If pets are used to hunt in the Festival then the drop chances for Blood of Sacrifice will be lowered.

  • Registering Your Score: After the Festival ends, the leader of the party must register the result to the Guide of the Festival within 40 minutes. Please note that if the party fails to register within this time, the result will become invalid. If the registered result is lower than the previous highest record, the record is not updated.  
  • Prize: After the competition period ends and their Cabal has won, party members who set the highest score for each grade can receive Ancient Adena as compensation from the Festival Guide. Although a party may set the high score for a specific level, they cannot receive a prize if the Cabal they belong to loses. Please note that the prize is paid only before the start of the next competition period.

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