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Help the Sister! (Cougar)

 Start Level
 Start Location
 Start Npc
Pet Manager Cooper
Pet Exchange Ticket: Cougar

1. Start by talking to Pet Manager Cooper in Giran. He will ask you for some adena. Accept this quest.

2. He will  tell you he wants a Crafted Dagger and ask you to get him one  cause he has no money.Go to weapon and armor shop and buy one.

3. He thanks you for the Crafted Dagger and he tells you of his dreams and asks for your help.

4. Pet Manager Cooper wants you to kill 30 Specters and Sorrow Maidens.These are concentrated in the area around the pit in Execution Grounds and you will need to kill enough to collect 30 map fragments. Once you have collected all the pieces return to Pet Manager Cooper in Giran. 
5. He assembles the fragments into a map and asks you to take it to Galladuci in the Luxury Shop ( Prestigious Hall) in Giran.

6. Galladuci reads the map and asks who found it. He is surprised when you tell him Pet Manager Cooper.

7. He gives you a message to Pet Manager Cooper.

8. Return to Pet Manager Cooper and he thanks you and gives you a Pet Exchange Coupon: Cougar.

9. Choose the Exchange the Pet Trade ticket for a pet option and exchange it for a Baby Cougar.

Congratulations! You got a Baby Cougar!

NOTE: Pay attention that there is always enough special food "Baby Spice" in the pet inventory, the pet will take that food out of there automatically! You can also take other items in the pet inventory.Take a look to Pets' Guide.

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