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Interlude Patch Notes

 Player Character Enhancements
The amount of experience lost upon death has been changed. For 1-75 levelles left as before. After 76 level, this value will decrease relative to the standard with each level.
At the death of the "red" charm, the chance of getting a fine was greatly increased.
The amount of the death penalty (decrease in combat characteristics) is increased.
Weapon Augmentation
It is an insertion of the stone "Life Stone" in the weapon, which gives the weapon additional characteristics.
A weapon enhancement system has been added so that players can add new bonuses to their weapons using Blacksmith. Improvement will require a Life Stone and Gemstone. You can improve weapons with the help of the NPCs of the blacksmith in every city, except the starting ones, and Gludin.
Life Stone also come in various grades: No Grade, Mid-Grade, High-Grade, Top-Grade. Each of them has levels 46-76.
The bonuses that will be received from augmentation directly depend on the Life Stone grade. The quality of the bonus will depend on the level of Life Stone, but the bonus is chosen completely randomly. The chance of improvement is 100%
Any weapon from C grade to S can be improved. C Grade and B Grade weapons require Gemstone D, while A Grade and S Grade weapons require Gemstone C.
Life Stones can be obtained by hunting mobs. The chance to get a high-level Life Stone will be higher with the Raid Boss than with a regular mob. The character will not be able to insert the Life Stone into the weapon if the level of the stone is higher than the level of the character.
The level of the Life Stone must correspond to the grade of the weapon for which it is used. For example, the level of Stone 46 cannot be used for weapons of grade A, but Stone 76 of level can be used for grade C.
To upgrade, select weapons, Life Stone and Gemstones in the improvement window. Drag the required components from the inventory to this window. Click the Augment button.
Also, a blacksmith can remove the imposed improvement for a fee.
Bonus Types
  • Increase in basic characteristics (STR, CON, INT, MEN)
  • Increased combat stats (P.Atk., P.Def., M.Atk., M.Def., HP, MP, CP, Accuracy, Evasion, Critical Chance, etc.)
  • Additional skill (Active, Passive, Chance skill)
When dressing a weapon that requires a higher expertise than the character has (grade penalty), the same rules will apply for augmentation as for SA. Augmentation and CA will not work in this case.
When the weapon is improved, the desired prefix is ​​added to its name.
Weapons that have been augmented cannot be sold, transferred, dropped (even with a pc), and it is also impossible to put in a clan storage. However, it can be placed in a personal repository. If the Stone of Life is removed from the weapon, then all these restrictions are removed.
Life Stones can be inserted into weapons with CA inserted, or sharpened weapons. The stone of life does not affect the ability to insert SA, or sharpen, so you can insert CA or sharpen weapons even after augmentation. When removing the Life Stone, CA and sharpening are not affected.
You can find out the color of augmentation by clicking on a weapon and in its description look at the color of the text describing the effect of augmentation. Yellow text is “yellow” augmentation, blue text is “blue”, violet is “purple” and red is “red” augmentation.
What augmentation effects will be on the weapon will depend on the color of augmentation: Yellow augmentation (the worst) - only additions to basic stats. Blue augmentation (bad) - additions to basic stats and, possibly, chance-skill. Purple augmentation (medium) - additions to basic stats and chance-skill or active skill. Red augmentation (best) - additions to basic stats and chance-skill or active skill or passive skill.
Improved weapons cannot be used to craft duals.
Improved weapons cannot be changed with the Blacksmith of Mammon.
New skills

    Banish Seraph (55): Dark Avenger , Shillien Knight
    Shock Stomp (55): Warlord
    Invocation (56): Bishop , Elven Elder , Shillien Elder
    Aura Flash (58): Sorcerer , Spellsinger , Spellhowler
    Escape Shackle (60): Treasure Hunter , Plainswalker , Abyss Walker
    Sonic Move (62): Gladiator
    Summon Attractive Cubic (62): Temple Knight
    Celestial Shield (64): Bishop
    Break Duress (66): Tyrant
    Summon Swoop Cannon (68): Warsmith
    Battle Force (77): All Warrior classes
    Spell Force (77): All Wizard classes
    Braveheart (78): Dreadnought , Duelist , Titan , Fortune Seeker , Maestro
    Force Meditation (78): Grand Khavatari
    Pa'agrio's Emblem (78): Dominator
    Gate Chant (78): Doomcryer
    Inner Rhythm (78): Sword Muse , Spectral Dancer
    Knighthood (78): Phoenix Knight , Hell Knight , Eva's Templar , Shillien Templar
    Master of Combat (78): Dreadnought , Titan , Grand Khavatari , Fortune Seeker , Maestro , Duelist
    Archery (78): Sagittarius , Moonlight Sentinel , Ghost Sentinel
    Assassination (78): Adventurer , Wind Rider , Ghost Hunter
    Arcane Roar (78): Archmage , Mystic Muse , Storm Screamer
    Necromancy (78): Soultaker
    Summon Roar (78): Arcana Lord , Elemental Master , Spectral Master
    Divine Roar (78): Cardinal , Hierophant , Eva's Saint , Shillien Saint , Dominator , Doomcryer
    Song of Silence (79): Sword Muse
    Soul of the Phoenix (79): Phoenix Knight
    Shield of Revenge (79): Hell Knight
    Sonic Barrier (79): Duelist
    Force Barrier (79): Grand Khavatari
    Mirage (79): Adventurer
    Dodge (79): Wind Rider
    Counter Attack (79): Ghost Hunter
    Summon Feline King (79): Arcana Lord
    Summon Magnus the Unicorn (79): Elemental Master
    Summon Spectral Knight (79): Spectral Master
    Cleanse (78): Cardinal
    Salvation (79): Cardinal
    Mystic Immunity (79): Hierophant
    Spell Turning (79): Hierophant
    Magnus Chant (79): Doomcryer
    Victories of Pa'agrio (79): Dominator
    Pa'agrio's Fist (79): Dominator
    Symbol of Defense (80): Phoenix Knight , Hell Knight , Eva's Templar , Shillien Templar
    Symbol of Noise (80): Sword Muse , Spectral Dancer
    Symbol of Resistance (80): Titan , Fortune Seeker
    Symbol of the Fist (80): Dreadnought , Maestro
    Symbol of Energy (80): Duelist , Grand Khavatari
    Symbol of the Sniper (80): Sagittarius , Moonlight Sentinel , Ghost Sentinel
    Symbol of the Assassin (80): Adventurer , Wind Rider , Ghost Hunter
    Volcano (80): Archmage
    Cyclone (80): Storm Screamer
    Raging Waves (80): Mystic Muse
    Gehenna (80): Soultaker
    Day of Doom (80): Soultaker
    Anti-Summoning Field (80): Arcana Lord , Elemental Master , Spectral Master
    Purification Field (80): Cardinal
    Miracle (80): Cardinal
    Flames of Invincibility (80): Dominator
    Mass Recharge (80): Eva's Saint , Shillien Saint

Dispersive skills have a chance to remove Force Barrier, Sonic Barrier, and Celestial Shield.

The update time for the following skills does not depend on the speed of the casting spell: Invocation, Celestial Shield, Salvation, Soul of the Phoenix, Symbol of Defense, Symbol of Noise, Symbol of Resistance, Symbol of Honor, Symbol of Energy, Symbol of the Sniper, Symbol of the Assassin, Volcano, Cyclone, Raging Wages, Day of Doom, Gehenna, Anti-Summoning Field, Purification Field, Miracle, Flames of Invincibility, Mass Recharge.

Books for Celestial Shield, Invocation, Summon Attract Cubic, Aura Flash, and Summon Swoop Cannon can be purchased at Rune, Goddard, or Ivory Tower. Players have the opportunity to buy them every hour.

Swoop cannon

Those with level 68 warsmith spells gain the ability to summon Swoop Cannon, the new siege summon. Swoop Cannon is the siege golem of the attacking side. It cannot be used by castle defenders. It differs from old siege golems in that it can use its skills without switching modes.

It can only be called in the siege zone.

To call requires 46 A grade of crystals. After a call, constantly uses B Grade Gemstones at 21 pieces per minute.

Swoop Cannon attacks on a target, it is a remote attack that strikes in a certain radius of all spells and NPCs, including allied and neutral. If enchantments fall outside the siege zone, they receive the same damage, and it is possible to get PC fines.

Shells cannot hit walls, gates, and flags.

The skills of Swoop Long Shot and Swoop Middle Shot cannot be used inside the castle, from the walls and outside the siege zone.

Golem attack uses Flash Gunpowder. Flash Gunpowder can be purchased at Rune and Schuttgard.

Swoop Cannon disappears upon destruction.

Skills of the clan owning the castle

New skills were added to the wreath that can be worn by a member of the clan owning the castle, as well as to the crown of the corresponding KL.

Lord's Crown can be obtained from the Manager, wreaths for ordinary members are also sold there. Members of the clan academy cannot wear these wreaths.

Residential Shock Immunity: Strongly, but not for long, increases resistance to shock attacks.

Clan Gate: Creates a portal to call clan members. The caster cannot move when the portal is active. The Clan Gate skill appears in the list of active skills when dressing Lord's Crown. After using the skill, a call field appears and KL loses the ability to move. At this time, all clan members receive a system message [font = Verdana] about the appearance of the portal. For 2 minutes, they can talk with Court Magician inside the castle and teleport to KL.

If the castle is lost, the crown is lost, and the skill automatically disappears from the list of active skills.

Changes to existing skills

Stun Shot's strength is slightly increased.

The requirements for the Benediction cast are changed, instead of HP 25% MP 25% is now required.

Mana Burn and Mana Storm now awaken spellbound spells.

The effects of the following skills were reduced (critical attack coefficient) Death Whisper, Fire Dance, Eye of Pa'agrio, Chant of Rage

On Elven Elders and Shillien Elders, classes that own the Recharge skill will no longer be affected by the Recharge skill.

Now there will be a chance to defend (xs what is meant here, a campaign such as triggering a resist and causing 1 damage) from the following magic spells: Wind Strike, Aqua Swirl, Twister, Blaze, Death Spike, Prominence, Ice Dagger, Hurricane Greater Heal and Chant of Life / Heart of Pa'agrio can now have an effect at the same time. Also, a long healing buff will be placed in the buff slot.

The effects of healing potions have been moved from buff slots to healing slots.

Bishop can now enchant Major Heal 11 level.

Curse Fear and Horror now affect players.

The effect of soul shots for melee skills is significantly increased.

The effect of the skill Magical Backfire is increased.

The effects of the following skills are significantly increased: Whirlwind, Thunder Storm, Hammer Crash, Soul Breaker, Tribunal, Judgment, Armor Crush, Shock Blast

When using soulshots, the damage will be more than before for the following skills: Power Strike, Power Shot, Stunning Shot, Stun Attack, Iron Punch, Stunning Fist, Sting, Wild Sweep, Power Smash, Triple Slash, Double Shot, Burst Shot, Spinning Slash , Thunder Storm, Punch of Doom, Poison Blade Dance, Sword Symphony, Fatal Strike, Hammer Crash, Burning Fist, Soul Breaker, Crush of Doom, Strider Siege Assault, Lethal Shot, Sonic Rage, Force Rage, Earthquake, Spoil Crush, Hamstring Shot, Shock Blight, Armor Crush, Evade Shot, Tribunal, Judgment, Psycho Symphony, Demon Blade Dance, Double Sonic Slash, Sonic Blaster, Sonic Storm, Sonic Buster, Triple Sonic Slash

The following skills can now end up: Tribunal, Judgment, Arrest, Shackle, Mass Shackle, Banish Undead, Critical Blow, Mortal Strike, Stealth, Sand Bomb, Mass Curse Fear, Mass Curse Gloom, Trance, Erase, Magical Backfire, Mana Burn, Mana Storm, Turn Undead, Major Heal, Major Group Heal, Summon Swoop Cannon, Shock Stomp, Aura Flash, Banish Holy

Chance to pass for the following sills increased: Seal of Chaos, Seal of Poison, Seal of Winter, Seal of Flame, Seal of Gloom, Seal of Mirage

The skill Deflect Arrow 2, 3 and 4 has been significantly increased.

The chance of passing Serenade of Eva is increased, the update time is greatly reduced.

The effect and conditions of use of the Sonic Buster, Sonic Storm, Force Burst, and Force Storm skills have been changed. The requirement for the number of tricks used is increased by 1.

Char becomes semi-invisible when using Silent Move, Chameleon Rest, Shadow Dance, and Stealth skills.

Primeval Island

Primeval Isle , an island full of strange creatures, was added to the south of the city of Rune. You can get there by boat from the harbor of Rune, or swim.

The island is intended for hunting by high level players.

Players can use monsters to raise the level of SA (level 11 and 12), for the quest for clan reputation and the quest to find new ingredients for the A-grade weapons.

The Boss Monster is a monster known as Sailren . To enter the Sailren lair you must complete the quest " Attack Sailren "

You can find the Blue, Green and Red "primitive" Crystals killing monsters. They can be used to add 50k, 100k or 200k points to your SP.

Tyrannosaurs can go mad during the battle. The use of trap skills during rabies makes it easier to hunt for them.

An NPC located in the Primeval Island Shipyard will deliver the dead party members to your location for a fee.

The escape from Primeval Isle lies through the Shipyard of Primitive Island.

Shipyard Primeval Isle is a peace zone.

Trap system

Trapping skills that greatly reduce the attacking abilities of the Primeval Tyrannosaurs have been added.

Using these skills requires Elrokian Trap and Capture Stones.

Once you have completed the Elrokian Hunters quest, which begins near the Primal Island Shipyard, you can receive the Elrokian Trap as a reward.

Capture Stones can be obtained from NPCs located in the far south of Primeval Island. If you accidentally deleted the trap that you received for the quest, you can get another one from the NPC

Added Top A-Grade Weapons. Crystal 12 level is needed in order to insert a special skill (SA) in these weapons. Components and recipes (60%) you can find by taking quests on the Primeval Island.
New accessories added: Eye patch, Angel crown, Demonic crown, Pirate hat, Scar and Butterfly decoration. New accessories can be obtained at the Festival of Darkness, the Olympics and some raid bosses.
Some things that cannot be transferred or lost can now be put into the warehouse.
The rollback of the Elixir of Mental Strength will be changed from 10 minutes to 5.
The rollback of the Elixir of Mental Strength and the Elixir of Life is now the same for the same grade. But, after using the A-Grade Elixir of Life, you cannot use the A-Grade Elixir of Mental Strength or the A-Grade Elixir of Life for 5 minutes.
After you put the elixir on the shortcut window, the rollback indicator will appear only after use.
Ghost Weapon (Shadow weapon)
Added temporary weapons with a short lifetime to facilitate access to different weapons. Ghost weapons have the same properties and appearance as ordinary ones, but have a limited life time.
When the life time or mana of the Phantom weapon reaches 0, it is removed from inventory.
The remaining time or mana is spent when the weapon is dressed, and is not spent when not dressed
Attention: If an item is worn / removed many times, the remaining time or mana is consumed faster. Logging in / out of the game also increases consumption. Phantom weapons cannot be transferred through trade, drop, or a warhouse (one that is for spells on one acre), and can only be stored on a personal warhouse. Also, it can not be enchanted, improved, imposed CA or beat on crystals.
The weapons received with the Shadow Weapon Exchange Coupon have a shorter life or mana than such weapons from the weapons store.
Ghost weapons may take the form of various weapons of grade B, C or D.
Players who make a quest on the pro will receive a ticket that can be exchanged for Ghost Weapons. D Grade Shadow Weapon Exchange Coupon for the first professional and C Grade Shadow Weapon Exchange Coupon for the second.
Shadow Weapon exchange coupon cannot be sold, lost, donated. If you give the Shadow Weapon exchange coupon the schrand to the master of his class, he will give you the Shadow Weapon to choose from.
B and C Grade weapons (apparently Ghostly, forgot to indicate) can be bought in the city from an arms dealer.
You can buy ghost weapons with a spell of at least 40 level and the type of weapon changes depending on the level.
Bloody sword Akamanah
New cursed duals - Blood Sword Akamanah (Blood Sword Akamanah) have been added.
Item appearance, use, and PvP rules are identical to Demonic Sword Zariche. Akamanah or Zariche automatically disappear 24 hours after the last PK with the sword. The system message will show the remaining time by showing how much time has passed since the last PC.
When a player wearing Akamanah or Zariche dies, the drop chance of each sword will automatically disappear by 50:50 (honestly I haven’t tasted what it means 50:50, but it says so)
When the player wearing the Zarich and the player wearing the Akamanah attack each other, the CP level of both drops to 0.
When the player who owns Akamanah finds Zarich, the matched Zarich automatically disappears and the Akamanah level increases by 1. And vice versa.
When you raise Zarich or Akamanah, 2 additional skills automatically appear. Owner Zarice or Akamanah gets Void Flow and Void Burst skills in the list of active skills. Damned weapons must be worn to use these skills.
New Quests

Mini games:

    A Game of Cards - Level 61, Town of Aden (Warehouse Chief Klump)
    Seductive Whispers - Level 50, Town of Aden (Blacksmith Wilbert)

Clan quests:

    A Clan's Reputation - Clan Level above 5, Rune Township (Grand Magister Valdis)

Primal Island Sailren:

    Meeting the Elroki - Level 75, Primal Island Shipyard (Marquez)
    In the Name of Evil - Part 1 - Level 76, Southern Primal Island (Mushika)
    In the Name of Evil - Part 2 - Level 77, Southern Primal Island (Asamah)
    Attack Sailren - Level 77, Lost Primeval Island Nest (Shilen's Stone Statue)

Getting Skills:

    Elrokian Hunters - Level 75, Primal Island Shipyard (Marquez)

Other quests:

    To the Primeval Isle - Level 75, Rune Township (Spellbook Seller Anton)
    Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe - Level 75, Primal Island Shipyard (Singsing)
    Defeat the Elrokian Raiders - Level 75, Primal Island Shipyard (Dinn)
    A Powerful Primeval Creature - Level 75, Primal Island Shipyard (Dinn)

Changes in old quests

Enchance your weapon:

    Sailren and Tyrannosaurus, monsters on which you can increase the level of Soul Crystals by 11 and 12, were added. Any member of the group that kills them has the ability to “upset” the crystal.
    When a player “upsets” a crystal from level 11 to 13, a system message informs all the players in this area about it.

Class transfer quests:

    You will receive an exchange coupon that can be exchanged for Shadow Weapon after completing the quest. You will receive a D-grade Shadow Weapon exchange coupon after receiving the first profession and a C-grade Shadow Weapon exchange coupon after receiving 2 professions. Shadow Weapon exchange coupon cannot be sold, exchanged or dropped.
    After receiving the quest for the profession and some other quests, the character will take the "pose of the winner"
    In the quest for the 2nd profession " Testimony of Glory ", the NPC Enku Chief Kepra will be transferred to the southern part of the coast of the Dion region.
    In the quests Saga of the Duelist, Dominator, Ghost Hunter, Eva's Saint, Spectral Master, Hell Knight, Spectral Dancer, Maestro Tablet of Vision, which was previously located in Ketra Orc Outpost, will be transferred to the southeastern part of this outpost.

Repent Your Sins:

    Characters of level 80 will no longer be able to take the Repent Your Sins quest, but it will be possible to switch to a subclass and make this quest.

Raid bosses

Added a new roving boss raid Gordon . When Gordon notices a player with a cursed sword (Zariche or Akamanah), he attacks that player with the goal of taking away the sword.

Changed the appearance and speed of some raid bosses.

If the raid against the boss in Pagan Temple fails, the boss returns to the starting position.

When opening the Gate of Splendor to the boss's room in the Monastery of Silence , the right and left wings open simultaneously. Also, 60 seconds after opening or closing the door, it will not be possible to open the next 30 minutes. Gate of Splendor can no longer be unlocked with the Unlock skill.

Fixed an issue with agro boss Gigantic Chaos Golem in Pavel Ruins when he did not attack passing players.

The problem with Baiyum not killing the player who woke him was solved.

Changed the raid boss Master Anays in the Monastery of Silence . If during the attack by his player, he is outside, he spoils back to the room. If the boss himself is outside during the boss guard’s attack, he will go back to the room. If the guard is outside, and the boss is inside the room, then when the guard attacks, the boss will remain in place. If the boss is outside when the server crashes, he will be teleported back to the room.

Due to the addition of fortresses, the location of the Eye of Beleth and Kelbar bosses has been changed , as well as all other mobs that may appear at the place of these fortresses have been removed.

Antharas and Valakas

HP, P. Def., And M. Def. Antharas and Valakas reduced.

Changed Antharas behavior. The difficulty and reward for killing Antharas will vary based on the composition of the raid. The reward depends on the difficulty level of Antharas.

Antharas will receive minions, and their lifetime depends on the composition of the raid.

If you killed Antharas minion, you can get a useful recovery for the raid.


Conventional mobs in the following areas have been changed to lvl 80: Pagan Temple , Monastery of Silence , Imperial Cemetery , Forge of the Gods , Dimensional Rift , Ketra / Varka Silenos Stronghold

On spots 80+, regular mobs are changed to lvl 80. Mob features and rewards for them (exp ...) are left the same, except for chests.

Treasure chests do not spawn in areas near fortresses. This includes areas in the Floran Agricultural Area , Dragon Valley , Plunderous Plains and Hunters Valley.

The problem of losing EXP when the player dies while on the wyvern has been resolved.

Solved the problem with the Dark Elf Village Gatekeeper animation.


Conventional mobs in the following areas have been changed to lvl 80: Pagan Temple , Monastery of Silence , Imperial Cemetery , Forge of the Gods , Dimensional Rift , Ketra / Varka Silenos Stronghold

On spots 80+, regular mobs are changed to lvl 80. Mob features and rewards for them (exp ...) are left the same, except for chests.

Treasure chests do not spawn in areas near fortresses. This includes areas in the Floran Agricultural Area , Dragon Valley , Plunderous Plains and Hunters Valley.

The problem of losing EXP when the player dies while on the wyvern has been resolved.

Solved the problem with the Dark Elf Village Gatekeeper animation.

Team chat

The command channel window is integrated into the regular chat window.

The following characters are used for chatting to the command channel. (use the `button to the left of 1.)

    For party leaders: `[message]
    Leader Teams: `` [post]

Leader teams will pop up in the window at the bottom right of the screen.

If you select Hide Commander's Chat in the chat filtering window, messages will not appear.

Even without the Clan Imperium skill, the ability to create a channel and the ability to invite to it using the Strategy Guide object has been added . Strategy Guide is for sale in Town of Aden , Rune Township , Town of Schuttgart .

On a raid, an allie who deals 1 hit gets priority in picking loot. (A corresponding message has been entered for this.)

Conditions for setting priorities for loot during boss raids.

    Raid monster: more than 18 people in the command channel.
    Boss monsters ( Queen Ant , Zaken , Orfen , Core ): more than 36 people in the command channel.
    When raiding Antharas , the command channel must have more than 225 people in Antharas' Nest for priority on loot.

5 minutes after killing the raid boss, the usual rules for loot selection are automatically set. But if another raid is successful on the same boss until the rules for selecting loot become normal, the first group gets priority.

The List Update button has been added to the command channel report window (number of parties / total members).

This window can now be minimized.


A duel system has been introduced for those who want pvp and do not lose interest outside the arena.

Dueling is possible only when players are not flagged.

Dueling is possible regardless of the level of opponents.

There are no death penalties.

When the duel / party-at-party ends, HP, MP, and CP return to the state they were before the duel. All dubby / debuffs, etc., are removed after the duel.

You can configure in Options automatic refusal of duels.

1 on 1

For these purposes, the corresponding button is entered in the action window.

The loser is the one whose HP = 1.

Each duel is limited to 2 minutes.
Party at party

For these purposes, the corresponding button is entered in the action window. A duel must be requested by a party leader, but can be addressed to any member of another party.

If the other party agrees, both parties will be moved to the arena.

You can configure in Options automatic refusal of duels.

Each duel is limited to 2 minutes.

During a duel, bsoe and bsoe skills cannot be used.


If at least one member of the party is about one of the following conditions, a duel is impossible.

    in battle / duel / PC
    is at the olympiad
    located on a trade (private store) or craft (private manufacture)
    HP and / or MR <50% (including dead)
    on the siege (clan or ally on the siege)
    when a request for a duel is sent to his party membar
    in the area where restart is prohibited
    in the siege zone
    when the other party is far enough away
    when there is no free space in the party arena
    when another member is in KX during the siege
    when on a strider / wyvern, etc.
    when in a peace zone or in a battlefield


When a party is on a command channel and agrees to a duel, she is expelled from the command channel.

When a party in the onk searches for a party and agrees to a duel, she is excluded from this window.

Any trade of any party member is automatically canceled when moving to the arena.

When a player attacks an NPC or is itself attacked by an NPC during a 1-on-1 duel, the duel ends, but HP / MP / CP is not restored.

Premature termination of a duel

It can be produced in one of the following ways:

    using the / withdraw command during a duel
    the distance between the players becomes too large (when the target window disappears)
    when a player moves to an area where a duel is not possible
    when a player attacks another player (left arm caught ...) during a duel
    when a player attacks an NPC or is itself attacked by an NPC during a 1-on-1 duel (including skills / magic)


When you click on the Enlarge Map button from a regular map window (Alt + M), the map window expands to full screen.

A dungeon map has been added, including 5 initial dungeons. When you enter a dungeon, a map window appears with a dungeon map. Maps are available for the following dungeons - Abandoned Coal Mines , Cave of Trials , Elven Ruins , Elven Fortress , and School of Dark Arts .

On the map, you can monitor the movement of Zariche and Akamanah, and when they meet in one place, an image of the skull appears.

Party Member Status Window

The member party window can now be reduced or enlarged to normal size.

You can view Buffs, Debuffs and enable / disable this option by clicking on the button on the full-size party window or Alt + F.

Screen Messages

Added the ability to generate messages from various channels.

Duel messages are available through on-screen messages.

Auto target

When a player does not have a target and is attacked by a mob / NPC or another player, a target is automatically set on it.

When a player is attacked by a skill that removes the target, it is automatically installed after about 10 seconds.

Other changes.

When a player is kicked out of the game, he moves to the login window.

The button to open the party search window has been added to the internal chat window.

Players cannot open the inventory window when a store or BX window is open.

Changes in sieges.

When the Seal of Strife seal is printed, the capabilities of the Nephilim Mercenary are greatly improved.

HP Wild Hog Cannon increased.

The defending side cannot destroy the castle gates.

If the player who summoned Siege Golem uses Summon Trance or Gate Chant skills, the golem will disappear.

The seven signs

The way to enter normal sewers has been changed (Catacomb of the Apostate, Catacomb of the Heretic, Catacomb of the Forbidden Path).

When Lords of Dawn is used by the Seal of Strife, the Revolutionaries of Dusk cannot use any siege weapons (Siege Golem, Wild Hog Cannon, Swoop Cannon).

When Dusk uses the Seal of Strife or is not used by anyone, siege weapons can be used.


Fortresses added. These fortresses will be available in the late update of The Chaotic Throne.

Coliseum arena changed. Free PvP is no longer practiced at the coliseum, everyone in the arena.

The system message window has been moved from the options window to the chat options window.

Consumption of food by ordinary pet is reduced.

Non-destructible doors (such as, for example, KX or lock doors) are indicated as "door" in the target window, and their HP is not displayed.

Changed the places of some ordinary, Nobless and KX teleporters to safer places.

The problem with the Pagan Temple's Dungeon Gatekeeper NPC, which did not respond correctly to players without a character, has been resolved.

After the countdown at the beginning of the Olympiad battle, CP, HP, and MP are restored again.

To obtain Hero status from the 'Hero waiting' status, the following restrictions are introduced: only the main clan (not the subclass) can become Hero, and only the main class above 75 lvl can become Hero.

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