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LVL 3 - Into the World

 Start Location
 Dwarven Village
 Start Npc
 Silver Scale's Balanki
 No (Solo)
Scroll of scape to Giran and Mark of Traveler

1) This quest begins in the Dwarven Village with Silver Scale's Balanki. He sends you to Warehouse Chief Reed, in the Warehouse.

2) Reed sends you to the Priest of Earth Gerald. 

3) Priest Earth Gerald is south of town near the Gatekeeper, and he sends you back to Reed in the Warehouse.

4) Reed sends you back to Balanki.

5) Balanki gives you Scroll of Escape Giran and Mark of Traveler. He gives you instructions for who to contact once in Giran to get back to your home town.

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 NOTE: there is a quest lvl 1 only for interlude chronicle that gives too many adenas. The quest is the introducing of Kamael race. Quest name: Kamael a window to the future.

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