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LVL 12- Curse of the Underground Fortress

 Start Location
 Elven Village
 Start Npc
Trader Unoren
 All (not darkelf)

1. Talk to Trader Unoren in the Elven Village weapon shop.

2. Goto the Elven Fortress (the elven dungeon). Bring 2-3 friends if you are doing this quest at level 12, as all monsters attack you in groups.

3.Hunt Skeletons (any type) until you have 10 Bone Fragments.

 4. Hunt Mist Terrors (lvl 15 aggressive) until you have 3 Elf Skulls. They are further into the dungeon.
5. Give the fragments and skulls to Trader Unoren.
The reward is 24,000a and a Bone Shield.

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