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LVL 21- Dangerous Seduction

 Start Location
 Dark Elven Village
 Start Npc
Tetrarch Vellinor
 Dark elf
 No (Solo)
102.680 adenas

 1) This quest starts in the corner of the Dark Elven Village in the Shilen Temple with Tetrarch Vellinor. He asks you to go to the School of the Dark Arts to defeat Merkenis.

2) Merkenis is a quest monster so that means no exp and no drops. She is not hard to get to since this dungeon now has an internal map. She is in the very large room with two entrances and many stairs. You will need to go down one level after the floor with orcs and skeletons, across the metal bridge with the spiders and skeletons, and down one more floor to find her. Once she is dead go back to Vellinor.
  3) Vellinor rewards you with 102,680 adena.

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