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LVL 10 - Jumble Tumble Diamond Fuss

 Start Location
Dwarven Village
 Start Npc
Collector Gouph
 Yes (Solo)
Silversmith Hammer,100 lesser healing potions, a bunch of echo crystals and the newbie reward is 7,000 soulshots no grade for Beginners.

1) This quest starts in the Bronze Key Guild with Collector Gouph in the Dwarven Village. He wants you to find his Star Diamond. He sends you to Trader Reep in the Weapons Shop.

2) Reep is in the Weapons and Armor shop and he sends you to Carrier Torocco.

3) Torocco is between the mountain wall around town and the Warehouse, you'll need to circle around the building to get at him. He sends you to Miner Maron who is around the Strip Mine.
 4) Maron is just outside of town towards the Strip Mine and he sends you to Blacksmith Brunon.
5) Brunon is of course in the Blacksmith shop and he finally gives you something to do by sending you to kill Goblin Brigand Lieutenants.

 6) Goblin Brigand Lieutenants can be found around the Western Mining Zone, if you port there it's just a quick run North West-ish. Most of the time you'll get Aquamarine's and Chrysoberyl's at the same time and you'll need 10 of both before you return.

 7) Go back to Brunon at blacksmith shop and he gives you the Gem Box. Then go to Gouph at Bronze Key Guild.

8) Gouph isn't happy with the lump of Coal naturally and sends you back to Brunon.

9) Brunon fesses up his mistake and sends you to Warehouse Keeper Murdoc.

  10) Murdoc is in the Warehouse, which is where the arrow is in this picture, not the pin, and he sends you to Warehouse Keeper Airy who is in the same building.

11) Airy says her bat Kurupuru has the jewel you want and to please find it. Yes she said find, not kill but well, you'll see.

12) Kurupuru is a Blade Bat and can be found out near the area where the Goblins were earlier. Kill them to get the Star Diamond, no other way. You get a sad little note afterwards as well.

13) Finally back at Gouph at Bronze Key Guild. You are rewarded with 100 lesser healing potions, Silversmith Hammer, a bunch of echo crystals and the newbie reward is 7,000 soulshots no grade for Beginners.

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