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LVL 10 - Merciless Punishment

 Start Location
 Orc Village
 Start Npc
Urutu Chief Hatos
 Yes (Solo)
Butchers Sword, 100 lesser healing potions,a bunch of echo crystals, and the newbie reward of 7,000 soulshots no grade for newbies.

1) This quest starts in the Orc Village with Urutu Chief Hatos, he's in the Kings hall. He tells you that traitor Baranka is up to no good and to put a stop to him. This quest is not called Meriless Punishment for anything, trust me on this. He says to talk to Centurion Parugon.

  2) Centurion Parugon is at the north gate of town. He gives you the whereabouts of Baranka's Messenger, which will be marked on your map. It may be random, as you have to find quest mobs three times. For me he was in 2 locations.

3) Go to the spot marked on the map (check yours, it may differ than this one) and here's the punishment. You'll run into 5-6 mobs that are white to you, all social, not aggro until you hit them. I highly suggest getting help, this quest ranks about 1st class change in difficulty in my opinion. Even spamming pots they will own you solo in about 5 seconds. I chose to hit and run like crazy, you'll have to come up with some similar plan to survive. The quest item should come from Baranka's Messenger so he's all you need to kill if you can manage it. Then go back to Hatos. I suggest bringing SOEs; it's a long walk.

       TIP 1: If you are an Orc Mystic, follow these instructions:
Go up the ledge directly East and above them. This way you're sort of standing above Baranka's Messenger. The idea is that you can cast your spells from here, but they have to run around a bit before they can come up to attack you, which buys you time to cast more spells.
Target Baranka's Messenger. Make sure your Soul Cry, soulshots and spiritshots are all activated. Spam your Drain spell on the Messenger. As soon as the first one lands, they will start to run towards, you, but you will be able to kill him with 2 or 3 Drains, so just keep casting. Once he is dead, let the others kill you and get a free teleport back to town (XP loss at this level is not important). Be sure you get your Support Magic replaced by the Newbie Guide.

 TIP 2: If you are an Orc Fighter, follow these instructions:
Go straight up to Baranka's Messenger and kill him with one or two Iron Punches or Power Strikes. When he's dead, you can either let the Escorts kill you for a free teleport back to town (XP loss at this level is not important). Don't forget to get your Support magic again.


4) Hatos will give you a second letter if you choose to continue. He will do this a total of 3 times, to get the letters to humans, light elves, and dark elves. Repeat step 3 for the last 2.
5) When you turn in the last letter return to Hatos he rewards you with 100 lesser healing potions, Butchers Sword, a bunch of echo crystals, and the newbie reward of 7,000 soulshots no grade for newbies.

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