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LVL 9 - Sword of Solidarity

 Start Location
Talking Island Village
 Start Npc
Grand Master Roien
 Yes (Solo)
Sword of Solidarity, 100 lesser healing potions, and 50 various echo crystals.

1) This quest starts on Talking Island in Cedric's Training Hall, which is south east of the village and where all human fighters start the game. Speak with Grand Master Roien. Then go to Blacksmith Altran back in the village.

 2) Altran tells you the pieces of the sword can be found in the Elven Ruins. you'll need to find two parts from the orcs in the Ruins.

 3) In the Elven Ruins,there are a lot of aggro mobs which do not drop pots so be careful. There are two Tunath orc warriors down the first hall in the circle room, both are aggro and social. When you get both pieces return to the village to Altran.

  4) Altran takes the blades and sends you to Roien for the handle.
 5) Back at Cedric's Training hall speak to Roien for the handle, then go back to Altran again.
6) At Talking Island Village again, give the handle to Altran and receive your reward of Sword of Solidarity, 100 lesser healing potions, and 50 various echo crystals.

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