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LVL 10 - Skirmish with the Orcs

 Start Location
Elven Village
 Start Npc
Sentinel Kendell
 Yes (Solo)
Red Sunset Sword or Red Sunset Staff,a slew of echo crystals, and 7,000 soul/spiritshots no grade for newbies

This quest starts in the Light Elven village, at the southeast gate (by the gatekeeper) with Sentinel Kendell. He asks that you hunt 2 orc leaders, and doesn't tell you which ones so you'll have to look in your quest item inventory to see his list. 

 Which two orcs will differ for every player. To see which one he assigns you first, click on the Quest tab in your inventory and look at the document there. 

1st List:

  1. Kaboo Chief Uoph. Leave town through the Southwest gate. Run Northwest over the big hill. He is beyond the dome-roofed ruins.
  2. Kaboo Chief Kracha. Leave town through the Southwest gate. Run South-by-southeast towards the 9 tall structures. He is by the smaller ruins right before the tall towers.
  3. Kaboo Chief Batoh. Teleport to the Elven Fortress, run up the hill to the Southeast.
  4. Kaboo Chief Tanukia - Leave town through the Southwest gate. On your map, he is below the crossroads that are below the "Elven Forest" words on your map, near some ruins. He comes with two wolves that are easy enough to kill once he is defeated.
Teleport back to town and talk to Sentinel Kendell again. The second part requires you to kill another orc. Here's the next list of orcs and their locations:

  1. Kaboo Chief Turel - He is by the ruins on the Northern bank of the Lake.
  2. Kaboo Chief Roko. Southwest exit, head to Iris Lake, he is located on the West shore, south of the ruins. He has two Warhound pets, they are all easy kills.
  3. Kaboo Chief Kamut. Teleport to the Elven Fortress and run Southeast to the South end of Lake Iris. He is South of the road.
  4. Kaboo Chief Murika. Leave town through the Southeast gate and continue South. On your map, he is just to the right the words "Iris Lake," on the East side of the road. He comes with two guard dogs that are easy to kill.
 See the location of them:

When you end, Kendell will reward you with a Red Sunset Sword or Red Sunset Staff depending on your class, a slew of echo crystals, and 7,000 soul/spiritshots no grade for newbies.

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