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LVL 6 - Invaders of Holy Land

 Start Location
Orc Village
 Start Npc
Atuba Chief Varkees
 Yes (Solo)
6000 soulshots

1) This quest starts in Orc Village inside of the Kings Hall with Atuba Chief Varkees. He asks you to kill Rakeclaw Imps to retrieve black soulstones, or more rare red soulstones.

2) Rakeclaw Imps are found very close to town, between the ramps down either side of town. 1 item per kill. Go back to Varkess with any amount, other than zero.

 3) Varkess will reward you with adena for the soulstones and 6,000 Soulshot no grade for Newbies. Even mystics get soulshots and not spiritshots.

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