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LVL 6 - Hunt the Orcs

 Start Location
 Elven Village
 Start Npc
 Sentinel Rayen
 Yes (Solo)
6000 soulshots or 3000 spiritshots

1) This quest starts in the Light Elven village, at the southwest gate with Sentinel Rayen. He tells you to hunt the various Kaboo orcs and bring back their amulets and necklaces.

2) The kaboo orcs are found pretty much all over the outskirts south of town. When you have some items you can return to Rayen at any time and repeat if needed.One item is enough, but if  you want get some adenas per item you can collect how many as you want.
3) Rayen will reward you with aden for the amulets and necklaces, but most importantly gives 6,000 soul/spirit shots for Newbies.

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