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Dec 29, 2015

LVL 73 - The finest ingredients - Part1

1. Teleport to Hot Springs from Goddard. Run a bit up the road to where all the NPCs are in a small camp. Talk to Jeremy and accept "The Finest Ingredients - Part 1" quest.

2. He will send you to get him ice crystals for the reciepe. You need to hunt 50 of these mobs:

- Nepenthes (snail-like flowery thing)
-Bandersnatches (wolf)
-Atrox (spider)
3. When you have all the quest items: 50 , 50 , 50 go back to Jeremy.
4. He is very happy and gives you Ice Crystal (iten needed for 3rd class change) and Soy Sauce as reward(iten needed for a quest Part2)