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LVL 73 - The finest ingredients - Part1

1. Teleport to Hot Springs from Goddard. Run a bit up the road to where all the NPCs are in a small camp. Talk to Jeremy and accept "The Finest Ingredients - Part 1" quest.

2. He will send you to get him ice crystals for the reciepe. You need to hunt 50 of these mobs:

- Nepenthes (snail-like flowery thing)
-Bandersnatches (wolf)
-Atrox (spider)
3. When you have all the quest items: 50 , 50 , 50 go back to Jeremy.
4. He is very happy and gives you Ice Crystal (iten needed for 3rd class change) and Soy Sauce as reward(iten needed for a quest Part2)

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In order to subclass you must do 4 quests. Below is the order of which you can and should take them. The first three are pre-requirements for the final one. 1.) Supplier of Reagents
Level: 57
Location: Ivory Tower sopping level Trader Wesley
Purpose: to be able to collect the reagant pouches which have moonstone shards, volcanic ash, and quicksilver needed for Mimir's elixir at 75. Hunt occasionally in Blazing Swamp and TOI to get reagant pouches as well as lava stones and stuff. DO NOT open the pouches unless you have room in warehouse for multiple components. 2.) An Arrogant Search
Level: 60
Location: Aden DE Guild Magister Hanellin
Purpose: get your bloody fabrics. You use 1 fabric per time entering the vortex to see Baium. 3.) Fate's Whisper
Level: 75
Location: Skyshadow Meadow Maestro Reorin
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