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Dec 21, 2016

40- Art of Persuasion

Note: This quest was added in Hellbound chronicle.
To begin this quest,  you need complete Relic Exploration quest first.
 Start Location
 Start Npc
80.598 adenas, 96.000 sp , 400.908 exp 
acess to Contract Execution quest


1. Talk to Maestro Nikola in the Cruma Marshlands, get item Nikola's Map.

2. Talk to Researcher Lorain at the entrance to the Cruma Tower and wait a little and talk to her again and she will give a code. You need to remember the code: 3196.

3. Go to the Cruma Tower, teleport to the second floor. Follow the sign: you need to pass the first fork, on the second one you need to turn to the left to see the Destroyed Device. Talk to the Destroyed Device. The Alarm will appear.
 4. Talk to the Alarm, enter the code: 3196.

5. Talk to the Destroyed Device again and get the item Metallograph .

6. Back to Researcher Lorain at the entrance to the Cruma Tower, get the reward and access to the Contract Execution quest.