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41- Contract Execution

Note: This quest was added in Hellbound chronicle.

To begin this quest, you need to complete Art of Persuasion quest first.

 Start Location
 Start Npc
137.920 adenas, 164.000 sp , 686.400 exp 
acess to Contract Completion quest

1. Talk to Researcher Lorain at the entrance to the Cruma Tower and get a Item Metallograph - Research Report .

2. Talk to Maestro Nikola in the Cruma Marshlands.

3. Go to the Plains of the Lizardmen, kill the following mobs: Leto Lizardman, Leto Lizardman Archer, Leto Lizardman Soldier, Leto Lizardman Warrior, Leto Lizardman Shaman, Leto Lizardman Overlord, you need to get a Item Leto Lizardman Accessory .

Note: In Freya and H5 Plains of Lizardman are level 80+. The old Lizardamen are only found in location at map bellow.You need go to Hunter and go walking till the point marked in map.

 4. Talk to Blueprint Seller Luka in the Blacksmith Workshop in the Town of Oren, get your reward and access to the following quest - Contract Completion.

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