Dec 28, 2016

Clan level 4 - Proof of Alliance

 Clan level 3 and Clan leader
 Start Location
 Start Npc
Sir Kristof Rodemai
Proof of Alliance and 120.000 sp 

This quest must be completed by a clan leader level 3 in order to raise a clan level to level 4. You will need at least 3 clan's members in party to do it.

1. Talk to  Sir Kristof Rodemai in the Town of Giran, in entrance of warriors guild. He is seeking a clan leader to restore order in the kingdom. He will say that he cannot join forces with someone whose skills are yet unproven, and recommends you to first attempt and pass the trial of Witch Kalis. If you complete her test and return safely, he promises to give you the 'Proof of Alliance,' which will thus expand the clan's powers and influences.

 2. Go to Oren and teleport to Ivory Tower.You will need be in party with clan's members ( at least 3). Go walking and seek Witch Kalis near the vicinity of the Ivory Tower.

3. Talk to Witch Kalis. She will test whether the clan members will give up their lives for their clan leader and says to prove the faithfulness of three clan members on the altar of sacrifice(Statue of Offering). If you get three marks of faithfulness, you can pass her test. Now 3 of clan's members need to talk to altar of sacrifice. Maybe some of them will die when do this. Tthey will get the Item Symbol of Loyalty and must trade for you. You need 3 items.
4. You will need to talk to Witch Kalis again . She is testing the trust of the clan leader by asking him to take poison BUT ONLY do this when the 3 members are in spot of mobs they will need to kill. Before the clan leader dies, the clan members must obtain all the ingredients on the antidote's ingredient list. Of those ingredients, blood of Eva can be only obtained by meeting.
NOTE: Other members can help the 3 ones to kill the mobs too but must be in leader party too. Pay atention cause the item can go to inventory of any one that is killing the mob.

Monsters to be hunted for obtain the ingredients for antidote:
- Plains of Glory (Aden region): Vanor Silenos shamans - Item Herb of Vanor

- Outlaw Forest (Oren region): Ol Mahum witch doctors - Item Herb of Oel Mahum

- The Forest of Mirrors (Hunter region): Harit Lizardman shamans - Item Herb of Harit

- Hardins Private Academy (Giran region): Talk to  Witch Athrea and play the game with her. She will spawn 9 boxes. You must break all the boxes within a certain amount of time to get bingo. If you do not, you must try again (costs 10k) until you do succeed and the witch gives you the Blood of Eva. Bring 2-3 people to ensure success on the first try. You will need get 4 BINGO killing the boxes. When get 4 BINGO talk to her again and get the item Blood of Eva .

 5. When your members get the 4 itens they must back to you (clan leader) and trade them. Talk to Witch Kalis and she will give you the antidote. It will be in your inventory. Click on it and drink. You have passed the test of Witch Kalis and received a Voucher of Faith.

6. Now, go to Giran Castle Town and talk to Sir Kristof Rodemai and he will give you the item Proof of Alliance. Use this item to upgrade your pledge to level 4 at any GrandMaster, Head Blacksmith or WarehouseChief.