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Path to Human Knight

The quest can be started at lvl 19, but I advise just start at Level 20 because the new skills will only be available at this level

1-Speak with Sir Klaus Vasper, he is outside the warrior guild in Gludin. Tell him you want to take the test to be a Knight. He tells you that you have to collect 3 or more Coins of Lord. When you ask about them he tells you who to speak with.

Here is the 3 ones more easy:

Atention:The 1ª and 2ª coins, you can get at same time.

1ª Coin: While in Gludin start with High Priestess Levian. She is in the Temple.

She tells you to bring back 20 totems. Hunt the Langk Lizardman Warriors until you have all 20.(see the 2nd coin before leave )

2ª Coin: Before you actually leave Gludin you can also speak with Captain Bezique.

He is out the west gate. He tells you you need to bring back 20 legs from Poison Spiders or Arachnid Trackers.

Now return to Captain Bezique. He will take the legs and hands you the 2ª Coin of Lords.Return to High Priestess Levian as well. She takes the totems and hands you a 1ª Coin of Lords.

3ª Coin: In Gludio speak with Captain Bathis. He tells you to hunt Bugbear Raiders. Need to collect 10 necklaces from them.

Bugbear Raiders are located northeast of Gludio (on the east side of the path, in the small set of ruins).Hunt them until you have all 10 necklaces.

Return to Guard Bathis. He takes the necklaces and hands you the 3ª Coin of Lords.

2- Now return to Sir Klaus Vasper in Gludin, he takes the 3 coins and hands you a Sword of Ritual as well as rewards you with XP and SP

Congratulations!!!! Once you reach level 20, talk to Master of your Guild and take your 1st profession.

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