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LVL 48- Certification of Value

 Start Location
 Kamaloka (Hall of the Abyss ) / Oren Territory
 Start Npc
 3.000.000 exp, 2.500.000 sp, Token of Insolence Tower
1. When you end Kamaloka (Hall of the Abyss 56, 63, 66, and 73 levels) Rieyi will respaw.Talk to him , take the quest and you can teleport directly to Tower of Insolence to NPC Kyouri.

2. Talk to Kyuori in the Tower of Insolence. He asks you to remove some of the monsters inhabiting the tower.

3. Go to the Tower of Insolence.You will need to kill 10 monsters in order to finish the quest and basically all the monsters give quest items and the drop rate is 1:1. Mobs you can kill:  Exhausted Vengeful Spirit, Wings of Viciousness, Byron's Knight, Terestian, Drill Demon, Knight's Vengeful Spirit, Royal Guard Knight Vengeful Spirit , Byron's Priest, Evil Shadow, Brutal Warrior, Demon Knight, Demon Priest, Vampire Queen, Bonehead Slave, Platinum Tribe Soldier, Platinum Tribe Archer, Platinum Tribe Warrior, Platinum Tribe Shaman, Platinum Tribe Overlord, Heaven's Palace Knight, Heaven's Palace Fighter, Heaven's Palace Terminator, Heaven's Palace Priest, Heaven's Palace Judge, Heaven's Palace Sniper, Slaughter Bathin, Bathin's Knight, Bathin's Wizard, Elmoreden's Lady, Elmoreden's Archer Escort, Elmoreden's Maid, Elmoreden's Guardian Warrior, Binder, Bound Warrior, Bound Archer, Heaven's Palace Seraphim and Heaven's Palace Seraphim Escort.

4. After you are done, return to Kyuori to finish the quest and collect your reward: 3.000.000 XP / 2.500.000 SP and 1 Token of Insolence Tower.
Note: You can use the tokens by speaking to the "Ende", the NPC right next to Kyuori. You can trade 2 tokens for a special Belt , Shirt, Bracelet, Necklace or a series of Rings. They are all B grade but have some nice features. You can upgrade the ring up to stage 9 by giving a lower stage ring and 2 Tokens. The stage 9 ring is a Baium-like ring.

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