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Quests for Levels 1-21 - Start villages

QUESTS START VILLAGES - LEVEL 1 TO 21  NOTE: there is a quest lvl 1 only for interlude chronicle that gives too many adenas. The quest is the introducing of Kamael race. Quest name: Kamael a window to the future. Quest Name Race Level Starting Location and NPC Repeat Reward Quest for Fishing Shots All 1 Each town/harbor Y Fishing Shots Deliver Goods All 2 Talking Island Village (Guard Arnold) N Ring of Knowledge Letters of Love All 2 Talking Island Village (Darin) N Necklace of Knowledge Miner's Favor All 2 Strip Mine (Miner Bolter) N Necklace of Knowledge Sacrifice to the Sea All 2 Talking Island (Lighthouse Keeper Rockswell) N Mystic's Earring Mass of Darkness Dark Elf



Quests for Levels 15 - 40

QUESTS FOR LEVEL 15 T0 40 Quest Name Race Level Starting Location and NPC Repeat Reward Bard's Mandolin All 15 Town of Dion (Bard Swan) Y Musical Score - Theme of Journey, 300 Adena Get a Pet All 15 Gludin Village (Pet Manager Martin) Y Wolf Collar Grim Collector All 15 Town of Gludio (Guard Curtis) Y Adena Jovial Accordion All 15 Town of Dion (Musician Barbado) Y Musical Score - Theme of Feast Sorrowful Sound of Flute All 15 Town of Dion (Musician Nanarin) Y Musical Score - Theme of Solitude Subjugation of Lizardmen All 17 Gludin Village (Guard Weisz) Y 9,181 Adena Dragon Fangs All 19

LVL 10 - Skirmish with the Orcs

 Level  10  Start Location Elven Village  Start Npc Sentinel Kendell  Races  Elf  Classes  All  Repeatable  Yes (Solo)  Reward Red Sunset Sword or Red Sunset Staff,a slew of echo crystals, and 7,000 soul/spiritshots no grade for newbies This quest starts in the Light Elven village, at the southeast gate (by the gatekeeper) with Sentinel Kendell. He asks that you hunt 2 orc leaders, and doesn't tell you which ones so you'll have to look in your quest item inventory to see his list.   Which two orcs will differ for every player. To see which one he assigns you first, click on the Quest tab in your inventory and look at the document there.  1st List: Kaboo Chief Uoph. Leave town through the Southwest gate. Run Northwest over the big hill. He is beyond the dome-roofed ruins. Kaboo Chief Kracha. Lea

LVL 10 - Spirit of Mirrors

 Level  10  Start Location  Talking Island Village  Start Npc  Grand Magister Gallint  Races  Human  Classes  All  Repeatable No  Reward Wand of Adept , various echo crystals, 1000 soul or spiritshots and 100 lesser healing potions. 1.Talk to Grandmagister Gallint at the human mage starting location, south of Talking Island Viallage. He will give you 3 Gallin's Oak Wands, which once used will become quest items Wand Spiritsound and go into your quest inventory. You MUST use the wands to deliver the final blow to the 3 spirits, but can weaken them with any other weapon/spell. 2. Hunt the Giant Toad Spirit of Mirrors (lvl 9 passive). It is on the south bank of the river, near the other toads.   3. Hunt the Orc Spirit Of Mirrors (lvl 10 passive). It is almost due north of the toad, on the hill just nort