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LVL 57 - Exploration of Giants Cave Part 2

 Start Location
The Giants Cave
 Start Npc
Head Researcher Sobling
Yes (Party)
Top A-grade 60% Armor Recipes

While killing monsters in Explorationof Giants Cave, Part 1 there is the chance that you will earn a Mysterious Book in your quest inventory. Bring this to Sobling.
He will tell you to bring it to Warehouse Freightman Cliff in Oren Town.

He will translate it into the Ancient Language Dictionary: Intermediate Level. Bring this back to Sobling and you can activate this quest. He will tell you to hunt Lesser Giant Solders, Lesser Giant Scouts, Lesser Giant Mages and Lesser Giant Elders.
They will drop Ancient Titan Books. The Ancient Titan Books and the items they open up into are tradeable and you can setup shops with them. If you open the parchments, they will turn into one of the following items:
Giants Doodle
Giants Loveletter
Alamanac: Titan Culture Chapters 1-5
Book: Giants Science & Technology Chapters 1-5
You will randomly recieve one of the following recipes as a reward for trading in a complete set of 5 chapters:

60% Recipe: Majestic Plate Armor
60% Recipe: Majestic Leather Armor
60% Recipe: Armor of Nightmare
60% Recipe: Nightmare Leather Armor

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