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Saga of the Grand Khavatari

 Start Location
Rune Castle Town
 Start Npc
Amulet Seller Hakran
Become  a Grand khavatari,Secret Book of Giants,5 million adena,2,299,404XP
NOTE: The rewards before CT2 Gracia do not give adenas.
  1. The quest begins in Rune. Talk to  Amulet Seller Hakran in the Mystic Guild. He will send you to Goddard to talk to  the Duda-Mar Totem Spirit in the Orc Guild.

  1. Duda-Mara Totem Spirit will send you to Donath in Hot Springs.

  1.  Donath will ask you an Ice Crystal. He said you talk to  Jeremy in Hot Springs. 
  1. Now you'll need to visit Chef Jeremy in the Hot Springs area too. You can get some ice crystals if you make The Finest Ingredients - Part 1 quest from Chef Jeremy. After you return the ingredients for him and he'll give you an Ice Crystal.
  1.   When you get Ice Crystal, give it to Donath and he will give you the bitter Cold Vodka
  1. Take the bitter Cold Vodka to Duda Mara Totem Spirit, and he gives you the Resonance Amulet 1.

  1. Then go to the first Tablet of Vision that is at Hunter location near the Northern Pathway of Enchanted Valley at the east-end of the river. The tablet then reveals the location of the second "Tablet of Vision". 

  1. Now go to 2nd tablet of vision at Rune in the Valley of Saints,  where a road begins on the map that leads to the intersection of the Monastery of Silence / Ice Merchant Cabin. There, talk to another Tablet of Vision surrounded by the Guardian of Forbidden Knowledge monsters (angels). Kill them until you get the Stone of Commune (you have to give the last blow), and then talk to the Tablet again and get the location for next tablet.

  1. Another tablet is at Pilgrim's Temple, northeast of the Ketra Orc Outpost. Khavatari Uruz will appear here. You have to kill him and talk to the tablet again. 

  1. Now go to talk to Seer Skahi at Goddard, who ask you the  Divine Stone of Wisdom .

  1. To get it you have to do a choice:

a) If you choose Alliance with the Ketra Orcs Alliance with ketra orcs - level 1 and 2  after   you will have to make quest Magical Power of Water (part 1 only) Magic Power of Water-Part 1

b) If you choose Alliance with the Varka Silenos Alliance with Varka Silenos-level 1 and 2 after you will have to make quest Magical Power of Fire (part 1 only) Magic power of Fire-Part 1

  1. When you get Divine Stone, back to Skhari, who will send you to the next Tablet  at north of Varka's Silenos Outpost (or Garden of Beast).  Go there and talk to the tablet.

  1. Back again to Skahi. Now he will send you to kill the monster Archon of Halisha. 

  1. Go to Wall of Argos and walk to Shrine of Loyality. You need to kill 700 mobs and on the 701 he will  appear. You can be in party to get the itens more fast but you have to kill Halisha solo. You will get the 5th Amulet.(you could also go to the option with 4 sepulchers but is a much harder). Monsters to Hunt: Grave Scarab, Scavenger Scarab, Grave Ant, Scavenger Ant, Shrine Knight and Shrine Guard.  After kill Halisha and get 5th Amulet go to the 5th Tablet. 

  1. The 5th Tablet is in Wall of Argos too. Talk with it and get the location of the 6th tablet. 

  1. Now go to the last tablet that is located southeast of Hunter's Village (at the first 'C' on the map in the name of Catacomb of the Witch). Talk to it. Khavatari Kashu and Flame Evil Spirit Azira will spawn.Help Kashu to kill Azira. When Azira disappears, talk to Kashu. He gives you Resonanace Amulet 6. Talk to the tablet again.

  1. Finally, return to Rune and talk to Hakran and you will be promoted to Grand Khavatari.
    Congratulations you are a Grand Khavatari!


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