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Oct 30, 2015

Testimony of Fate

 Start Location
 Giran Castle Town
 Start Npc
 Magister Kaira
 Dark Elf
 No (Solo)
 Mark of Fate

1) The quest begins at Giran Castle Town. Talk to Magister Kaira in the Dark Elf guild. She will tell you to find  Brother Metheus.

2) Brother Metheus is in the eastern exit of Giran. Talk to him and he will ask you to go to Execution Ground search for the remains of her sister.

3) Go to Dion and walk to Execution Ground and kill the monster HangmanTree untill get the item.

3) Back to Metheus and delivered the item. He will want to take a poison (belladonna) which can be obtained from poison vile.

4) Go to Dion in the Dark Elf Guild, and talk to Master Ixia.

5) Ixia will tell you to collect 5 ingredients:
- Medusa's Blood
- Marsh Spider's [bodily] fluid.
- Nightshade's root.
- Corpse Pursuer Bat's secretion.
- Tilunt / Tyrant's [bodily] fluid.

NOTE> You have to get 10 of each

-> Go to Gludio and take GK to Ant Nest or go to Gludin and take GK to Wasteland and kill Tyrant to collect 10 Tyrant's Sap.
-> Go to Dion and take GK to Cruma Tower. Go to the area from outside and kill Marsh Stakato, Stakato Drone Marsh, Marsh Stakato Worker and collect 10 Nightshade's root.

-> In the same area, you will find the Marsh Spider. Collect 10 Marsh Spider's fluid.

-> Go to Dion and walk to Execution Ground and kill Dead Seeker to get the 10 Dead Seeker's Secretion.

-> Go to Giran and take the east exit of Giran follow the road, kill the Medusas and collect 10 Medusa's Blood.

6) Return the Ixia and she will give you the Belladonna.

7) Go back to Brother Metheus in Giran and delivered the items. He will give you  the Elder'sSkull and ask you to take it to Magister Kaira.

8) Go to the Dark Elf Guild in Giran and delivered the item to the Magister Kaira. She will ask you to talk to Alder, who is beside her.

9) Alder will ask you to find the descendant of the elder's, Magister Roa in Magic guild. Talk to her and choose the second option. She will say that there is a mark on the item and you must go to Gludin.

10) Go to Gludin and talk to Warehouse Keeper Norman.Norman gives you a book.

11) Now you will have to return to Kaira in Giran in the Dark Elf Guild. She asks that you go to the Darkelf Vilage. Go to Dark Elven Village and talk to the High Tetrarch Thifiell. He will ask you to go talk to the Witch Arkenia.
12) Teleport to Spider Nest and go to the Altar of Rites. Find the Witch Arkenia and she will ask you to collect the Red Fairy Dust and the Blight Treant Sap.

13) Now you have to find the Blight Treant in the area around the altar. Talk to her and she  will ask you to hunt Black Willow Lurker to get 1 Black Willow Leaf. You have to find  Blood Pixy which is near there too. Talk to her and  she will send you you get 10 skull of each some monsters (on some servers and chronic one is enough).

14) Go to Swampland and kill the Black Willow Lurker.
15) Now you have to get the skulls that Blood Pixy asked you.
            --> Grandis, which are found in the highest part of Death Pass. Go to Giran and teleport to Private Academy.

            -> The Breka Orcs (Warrior, overlord, shaman), which are found in Breka's Stronghold in the Giran area.

            -> The Karul Bugbear, which are found in Hunter  Village region. Go to Oren and then Hunter Village.
            -> The Leto Lizardman Overlord, go to Oren and take Gk to Plains of the Lizardmen.
NOTE: IN H5 GK GET TO SEL MAHUM TRAINNING GROUND SOUTH AND FOLLOW THE ROAD TOWARDS HUNTER. THEY ARE THERE. Beware of monsters in the region beside the road because they are 80+
16) After gathering all the ingredients, return to Dark Elven Village. Take GK for Spider Nest and go to the altar. On the way talk to Treant and Pixy to deliver the materials.

17) Now go back to the altar and talk to Arkenia and she will give you the Arkenia Letters.

18) Return to Dark elf village and talk to the High Tetrarch Thifiell and he will give you the final quest item: Mark of Fate.

Congratulations !


Testimony of Prosperity

 Start Location
 Giran Castle Town
 Start Npc
 Warehouse Freightman Parman
 No (Solo)
 Mark of Prosperity

You will need:
10 Crystals - D Grade
100 Animal Skin

1) Go to Giran Castle Town and talk to Warehouse Freightman Parman. He will ask you to get 4 items.

2) Go to Dwarven Village and talk to Iron Gate's Lockirin at Elder concil. He asks you to talk with all in the room. Each one will ask you to pick up a iten. Now you must speak to various NPCs around town to collect some items:

            - Carrier Torocco: Hidden behind the warehouse. Talk to him and you will gain the Procuration of Torocco.

            - Trader Mion: She is in the Magic Shop. You wil earn the Contribution of Mion.

            - Maryse Redbonnet: She stays in the house in front of the Bronze Key Guild. Talk to Maryse's Request twice.The 1st she asks you to bring 100 Animal Skins . In the second give the Animal Skins and win Maryse's Contribution.

            - Shari -Trader: She is the Weapon Shop. You will earn the Contribution of Shari.

            - Miner Bolter: Exit through the south gate and follow the road towards the inicial. He is after the first corner. You will earn the Receipt of Bolter.

            -Master Toma appears in three different locations, and disappears after 30 minutes.

- Location A:Northwest Coast

- Location B: North entrance to Mithril Mines

-Location C: Inside, Abandoned Coal Mines

3) Return to Dwarven Village and talk to all Elders and delivered the items. Iron Gate's Lockirin must be THE LAST ONE YOU TALK and he will give you the Mark of Wealth.

4) Go to Gludin and teleport to Orc Barracks and talk to Piotr. He is in a house near the road. He will give you the item Blessed seed.

 5) In Dion Castle Town talk to Guard Bright. He will ask for items to make a bouquet of flowers.

6) Go to Execution Ground and kill Mandragora Blossom and Mandragona Sapling and collect 20 Mandragora Petal. 

 7) Now go to Cruma Marshlands and kill Giant Grimson Ants to collect 10 Crimson Moss.

8) Return to Dion and talk to Guardian Bright again. He will give you a bouquet. Now talk to Emily at the east gate and give the bouquet for her. She will give you the Mark of Fertility

9) Go to Talking Island and talk to Warehouse Keeper Wilford. Answer the riddle of "Elf", however if you answer wrong will not have much importance. I chose the last option.

10) In Talking Island talk to Lilith. She stands at the entrance of the Temple. She will give you the  
Mark of Health.She is very uneducated and call you horrible dwarf.(lolol)

11) Go to Giran Castle Town speak with Warehouse Keeper Parman. He wil pick up the 4 items and give you a second mission. 

12) Go to Dion and find the Maestro Nikola in cruma marshland. He will ask you
to make a keyhole copy from Titan's Box inside Cruma.

13) Go to Cruma Tower.Teleport inside, go down the ramp and turn right. In the first room is a hallway on the left. Beware that in his entry has a boss (will not scare ehehe). Follow to the end of corridor and turn left. Titan's Box is at the bottom of this corridor (at the room entrance doors). Click on it and Gain Pattern of Keyhole. Do not use escape.

 14) Back to Maestro Nikola.He will give you the key recipe.He will tell you to hunt various monsters to collect ingredients for Titan Key. You can get all ingredients hunting monsters in Cruma Marshlands.List of monsters below: 
Toad Lord Sac of Toad Lord
Stakato Shell of Marsh Stakato / Worker / Soldier / Drone (the Drones falls more)
Spider Thorn of Marsh Spider

15) When you are ready register the Key of Titan recipe and craft the key. Be sure that you you have 10 crystals - Grade D. After making the key talk to Maestro Nikola and he sends you to Cruma Tower again to open the box. Open it and you will win the Maphr Tablet Fragment.

16) Go to Giran and talk to Warehouse Keeper Parman and finally you will win the Mark of Prosperity.