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Jan 9, 2016

LVL 2 - Supply Check

 Start Location
 Kamael Village
 Start Npc
 Zerstorer Marcela
 No (Solo)
Wooden Breastplate/Wooden Gaiters/Leather Shoes/ Wooden Helmet / Short Gloves
SP  - 446              Exp  - 5672            Adena  - 2466

1. The quest starts in Kamael Village. Talk to Zerstorer Marcela and get the quest.
 2. Run to the Warehouse and talk to Warehouse Keeper "Benis".

3. Return to Zerstorer Marcela and  talk to her.

4. Run to the Grocery Store and talk to Trader "Nika.

5. Return to Zerstorer Marcela and talk to her and get your rewards.