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Sep 18, 2016

LVL 1 - Kamael: A window to the Future

 Start Location
 Start Npc
Priest Dominic
 No (Solo)
159.100 adenas


TIP: You will have costs with Gatekeeper and scroll of escape. It is recommended do this quest in level 15 and to walk to the next area and use / unstuck. At the beginning you can teleport to Orc Village Newbie Help by using tokens.  

1) This quest starts in the village of Rune with Priest Dominic, in the Temple on the second floor where the clan halls are all located. He sends you to Oren. This quest is nothing but porting and talking.

2) In Oren speak to Grand Master Klaus Blackbird in the Fighters Guild. He gives you Mark of the Future: Human, and sends you to Schuttgart.

 3) In Schuttgart find Warehouse Chief Alder, in the Warehouse. He gives you Mark of the Future: Dwarf, and sends you to Goddard.

4) In Goddard locate the orc trainers and speak to High Prefect Aklan. He gives you Mark of the Future: Orc and sends you to Aden.
5) Go to Aden and Talk to Grand Master Oltlin in the Dark Elven Guild and he gives you Mark of the Future: Dark Elf. He sends you to Giran Castle Town.
6) Go to Giran and  Find Magister Juris in the Magic Guild to the east of the Temple and receive Mark of the Future: Elf. She sends you to talk to Sir Kristof Rodemai in the same town.

7) Kristof is over in the Fighers Guild in Giran, and he gives you a slideshow version of the Kamael. Then speak to Kristof again. Go back to Dominic in Rune. 

8) Talk to Dominic in Rune
in the Temple on the second floor again and he'll give you 159,100 adena.