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Sep 9, 2016

LVL 3 Step into the Future

 Start Location
 Talking Island Village
 Start Npc
 Gatekeeper Roxxy
 No (Solo)
Scroll of scape to Giran and Mark of Traveler

1) Speak to Gatekeeper Roxxy in Talking Island Village. She sends you to speak to Magister Baulro in the Temple right next to where you are currently at. 

 2) Magister Baulro sends you to find Sir Collin Windawood by the Obelisk of Victory.

3) Sir Collin Windawood is right at the Obelisk, and he sends you back to Roxxy. 

4) Roxxy gives you a Scroll of Escape to Giran Castle Town and Mark of Traveler. She also tells you how to get back to this town if you do use it to visit Giran. She says she puts it in your quest item window but it will be in regular inventory so don't use it on accident if you don't want to go there. There will be another item in quest inventory for the quest in Giran to get back to your starter town.