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Sep 10, 2016

LVL 6 - Chains of Slavery

 Start Location
 Dark Elven Village
 Start Npc
 Sentry Kristin
 Dark Elf
 Yes (Solo)
6000 soulshots or 3000 spiritshots

1) This quest starts in the Dark Elven Village at the west exit with Sentry Kristin. She asks you to hunt Imps to collect their shackles.

2) Imps can be around all around the outside of town. You can return with any amount of shackles. 

3) Go back to Kristin when ready and turn them in. The reward is pretty low, about 12 adena per item but bringing back just 1 shackle will earn you 3,000 soul/spirishot no grade for Beginners, which is what you want anyway.